Holiday security hazards: Package theft prevention

Holiday security hazards: Package theft prevention

Each year we return to the same seasonal discourse: What is the appropriate time to begin holiday festivities? Many hold off on holiday preparations until after Thanksgiving, while others stuff stockings much sooner. Whether you’re the neighbor with decor out on November 1st, or the last on the block to deck the halls, one thing is for sure—it is never too early to protect your home from holiday hazards. And at the top of our list? Package theft. 

With online shopping rates skyrocketing since 2020, reports of “porch piracy” have, too. 

  • 1 in 5 consumers have experienced package theft
  • 43% of all people fall victim to package theft 
  • Average loss of $106 per case  

In spite of these statistics, 33% of consumers have not taken action to safeguard their deliveries. With holiday packages plotting their arrival, theft prevention efforts are essential in ensuring your gifts make it under the tree.

Preventing porch piracy 

When it comes to limiting package theft, these simple steps can help secure your holiday purchases. 

  • Track arrival times: When a package is enroute, keep an eye on transit updates so you can anticipate the item’s arrival. If possible, bring the delivery inside immediately. If you know you will be out of town or at the office, arrange for a neighbor or friend to pick up your purchase. 
  • Require a signature: If you are working from home or are available during the day, require a signature with all package deliveries. This way, you can ensure it ends up in your hands. 
  • Provide specific delivery instructions: If the delivery service allows, detail exactly where the package should be left. Consider having your packages delivered to a back door, or left in a spot out of direct sight. 

Video doorbell solutions

Video doorbell solutions are designed to make protecting your packages as easy as purchasing them. When detecting motion within a certain range, video doorbells begin to capture activity on camera, streaming video footage directly to your smartphone or other internet technology. Video doorbells also include two-way audio, so you can communicate with unexpected guests, or wish your delivery driver a happy holiday when a purchase arrives.

Pro tip: If you have a video doorbell, instruct your delivery service to ring the doorbell when an item is dropped off. This will send a notification right to your smartphone. 

At EPS Security, our Skybell Video Doorbell includes HD video footage, 180 degree motion detection at a fifteen foot range, full color night vision, and a sleek outer appearance. The Skybell’s industry leading innovation not only allows you to keep a watchful eye, but in the event of a completed crime, can aid in identifying the culprit

The EPS advantage 

When it comes to protecting what is important, the Skybell is just the start. At EPS Security, we install custom security solutions to ensure your holiday season remains merry and bright. For more than 66 years, our company has prioritized the protection of your people, places, and things. Whether working to prevent package theft or tending to other home security needs, we believe that security and life safety is a strategic partnership.

If you’re ready to begin your home security journey, EPS is prepared with on-site engineers, full-service installation, and 24/7 alarm monitoring. Contact us today to learn more. 

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