What do you get when the world’s leading fire alarm manufacturer partners with Michigan’s largest family-owned commercial security provider? A peerless, powerful notification system custom engineered, installed, and serviced by the region’s premier security provider.

Voice evacuation and
mass notification

Fire suppression and sprinkler
system monitoring

Emergency weather alarms
for guided evacuation

3 Decades of Partnership

NOTIFIER® wrote the books on massive, multi-faceted commercial fire alarm and voice evacuation systems. For more than 25 years of their storied history, NOTIFIER has partnered closely with EPS Security to provide Michigan with high-tech, high-performance enterprise-level notification systems. In that time, EPS Security has become Michigan’s authority in all things NOTIFIER, installing systems in schools, distribution centers, medical facilities, and more.


Fire alarm systems are required by law and dictated by local fire codes. A standard fire alarm system might provide necessary coverage in more typical setups, but NOTIFIER systems are designed for businesses requiring mass notification or addressable alarm systems.

Complexes consisting
of multiple buildings

Facilities with high occupancies,
such as universities, school and

Warehouses, manufacturers
and distribution centers

Massive buildings requiring multiple
panels with centralized alarm
monitoring and reporting

Businesses requiring addressable
fire alarm systems to meet code

NOTIFIER Systems by EPS Security


The ONYX™ Series is the premier solution for businesses seeking best-in-class customization, performance, and coverage.

The ONYXWorks™ workstation—the cornerstone of the ONYX line—receives funneled fire alarm signals from multiple panels and displays them on a single, easy-to use monitor for streamlined onsite alarm monitoring. While the EPS Monitoring Center dispatches the first responders, an operator can guide evacuations using the mass notification system.

  • Perfect for large scale single and multi-site facilities
  • Enhanced communication between interconnected life safety devices and control panels
  • Build-in voice paging for customizable emergency evacuation orders
  • Requires minimal operator training
  • Enhanced mass notification for life safety, weather alerts and active shooter events
  • UL listed


The FireWarden™ line is a step up from conventional fire alarm systems. Often used in small and mid-scale businesses, FireWarden provides comprehensive detection coverage for businesses anticipating growth and future expansion.

  • Enhanced communication between interconnected life safety devices and panels
  • Site-wide voice-guided notification capabilities for custom emergency evacuations
  • Ability to communicate over cellular radio and ethernet signals
  • Enhanced mass notification for life safety, weather alerts and active shooter events
  • UL listed

EPS Security is Your Authorized NOTIFIER Premier Partner

Electrical Contractors and EPS Security

A new construction is always bound to be stressful, but with an EPS partnership, the installation of the fire alarm system doesn’t have to be one of your stressors.

Business Owners and EPS Security

NOTIFIER products are engineered with expansion in mind, and it’s hard to find a fire alarm provider with more practical NOTIFIER design and installation experience than EPS Security.

Design and Assist: Engineer Your Solution

Whatever your needs, the tried-and-true EPS process takes much of the frustration and confusion out of what in lesser hands can be a painful undertaking.

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