Systems Test

Systems Test

Testing your EPS Security System is a simple process. Please test your system every MONTH to ensure that all components are working properly.

  1. Contact EPS Monitoring Center at 800-632-8767.
  2. Give the operator your EPS PassCard number, advise the operator that you are going to test your system, and EPS will place your system in test mode.
  3. Hang up with the EPS Monitoring Center operator.
  4. Arm your system and open a protected opening (door, window, etc.). There may be a delay until the siren sounds.
  5. Allow the siren to sound for 45 seconds. Repeat tripping your system until all devices you want checked are tested. If you are unsure of how to trip a particular device, please call for assistance.
  6. Disarm the system.
  7. Wait several minutes before contacting our Monitoring Center. When you do call, provide the operator with your PassCard number.
  8. Notify the operator that you have completed the system test and verify that all signals have been received.
  9. Hang up with the operator feeling confident that your EPS system is working properly.

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