Burglary and Intrusion

Burglary & Intrusion Alarm Systems

When it comes to protecting your business, you need a reliable alarm system you can count on.

Trespassing, burglaries, and vandalism happen more often than you’d think. A comprehensive burglary and intrusion alarm system not only protects your inventory and assets, but it makes your customers and employees feel safe. You worry about your business enough, you shouldn’t have to worry about security as well. Let us take care of that for you!

We understand the needs of Michigan businesses because we are one!
You put so much time and effort into growing your business, don’t jeopardize it, protect it with an EPS burglary and alarm system.

It’s more than just an alarm system. It’s real security.

We are committed to providing your business with a comprehensive alarm system, that can be customized with a variety of features to fit YOUR facility, YOUR business, YOUR needs.


Our alarm systems are controlled using alphanumeric keypads, available in standard, fire-rated (can be integrated with some fire systems) and wireless versions. All keypads have internal sirens and can be programmed with quick keys for panic or emergencies.

Motion Detectors

We offer motion detectors with ranges up to 250 feet! Our detectors sense both motion and temperature, reducing false alarms from environmental factors. We also offer photo-beam detectors and PIR “Pet Immune” detectors that register animals up to 100lbs, perfect for a warehouse or manufacturing facility that birds and small animals can enter.

Panic Buttons

Depending on your needs and the layout of your facility, we can equip your system with “on person” or “under the table” mounted panic buttons to help keep your employees and customers safe.

Cellular Communication

We no longer use antiquated landlines for alarm notifications unless it’s absolutely necessary. Instead, we use the cellular/internet AlarmNet communications network for alarm notifications.

Glassbreak Sensors

Does your business have a lot of windows, particularly ones that face areas of high foot traffic? Glassbreak sensors might be good option for your space. The sound of shattering glass has a distinct frequency that the sensors detect, providing more security and reducing the chance of false alarms.

All of our systems are connected to our nationally recognized monitoring facility, located right here in Michigan (not across the country, or the world). Our facility is staffed 24/7, so we can dispatch assistance whenever an alarm is sounded; not just the police, but the fire department, or EMT’s as well.

And our service doesn’t just stop at monitoring your system once it’s installed, we stand behind our products with continued service and assistance. Creating a strategic partnership with your business that will last for years to come.

How exactly does that partnership get started? Let’s take a look.



A meeting with an EPS Security Consultant to evaluate and understand security needs and expectations.


Specs and drawing

Customer provides the needed layout for the facilities to be protected for our industry unique engineering team to design and engineer a security system. This step is not always necessary for some smaller systems.



Based on the information provided by the customer, the EPS Security Consultant and engineer (if applicable) would perform a comprehensive walkthrough of the facilities to review any issues, expectations, and possible solutions.


Engineering/Scope of Work

Our team of engineers and technical specialists will create a comprehensive security solution based on the layout of the facility, the expectations of the customer, and the scope of work required to gain optimal protection. Big or small, we deliver an expertly designed security system.


Meet and Review

This is where a finalized system is proposed, explained, and evaluated with the customer. A discussion on an installation timeline and ongoing services happens here.



If the customer is satisfied with the proposed solution, the necessary paperwork is provided and the partnership is official.



Our Operations team reviews the engineered solution and schedules an installation by EPS technicians.



EPS technicians install the security system according to the specification and agreed upon terms.


Continued Service

EPS has more trucks and technicians available than any other security provider to meet the ongoing security needs of the customer when any and all security issues arise.

Why choose an EPS Security system?

Technical Expertise & Engineering

We are unrivaled in our attention to detail and the human capital that we invest in the design, engineering, installation, and monitoring of our security solutions. We have a team of specialized engineers on staff along with project managers, CAD designers, and technical support experts all trained and proficient in the disciplines we offer. Our technicians attend training sessions put on by our vendors so they are familiar with the latest products and techniques offered.

Expandable Alarm Systems That Can Grow With You

Big or small, we are able to meet the growing security needs of each and every one of our customers. Whether you are a small business in need of a basic intrusion system, or a large, multi-location business in need of a more modular security product with additional reporting and ID services, we can create a customized system that can grow along with your business.

Remote Access Capability – Monitor Your System On The Go

Our Total Connect Mobile App allows our customers to monitor and control their system from anywhere using their phone or tablet. Providing peace of mind that your business is always safe and secure.

Partnerships to Provide Customers with the Best in the Business

We have partnerships with some of the most respected and honored security product vendors in the industry. In the security alarm space, that vendor is Honeywell. These partnerships give us the opportunity to provide our customers with the best security products at the best prices.

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