Whether you're a home builder or you're designing your own custom home, professional security protects your project from start to finish. At EPS Security, we equip newly-built homes with trusted technology and high-end safety solutions.

Are you a home builder or contractor?

While you build new homes, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with local developers. Secure your new construction from start to finish.

Expert technology

State-of-the-art security solutions from nationally-recognized brands.

Hard Hat

Planned & prewired

Engineered security solutions prewired to protect your project for years to come.

Home integration

Security and home automation integrated for modern homes and homeowners.

Are you building your dream home?

Your dream home deserves dream home security. Protect your investment with a comprehensive home solution.

Home protection

Protect your home from fire, theft, and beyond. Because in your dream home, you deserve peace of mind.

Environmental monitoring

Prevent water damage and frozen pipes with monitored flood detection and temperature sensors.

Home connection

Control the temperature, open your garage door, alter the lighting, and beyond with smart home automation.

Michigan security since 1955

At EPS Security, we've secured Michigan's people, places, and things for more than 65 years. Our EPS Builder Representatives have 10+ years of individual experience working with home contractors across the Great Lakes state. While you design custom homes, we customize solutions to protect newly-built properties for years to come.

Our prewire process

One of the major benefits of planning home security in the early stages of construction is the opportunity to prewire for a safety system. Why prewire your new home build?

  • Allows for reliable, hard-wired security
  • Hides wire and improves home aesthetics
  • Provides advanced coverage for larger homes
  • Future-proofs your new property

Insurance & code requirements

We work with insurance companies to meet requirements and lower homeowners' monthly costs. At EPS Security, we're licensed to install smoke detectors to local code.

Temporary security solutions

In need of monitored security and life safety technology during new home construction? At EPS Security, we often work with Michigan builders to install temporary solutions that stay on site from start to finish.

  • Secure your equipment
  • Safeguard your workers
  • Protect your construction site
  • Remove when the new build is complete

Solutions for new home construction

a red hard hat sits on a desk with two people shaking hands behind it

Security for home builders

Custom solutions for custom-built homes.

Security for homeowners

Safety, comfort, and connection at home.

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