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What advantage does EPS have over DIY solutions?

  1. Improve your customer service experience.

    The long wait times and limited hours of DIY solutions are not what you want in an emergency. But when you call EPS, you are connected immediately to our friendly Grand Rapids based Customer Care team.

  2. Get your system serviced quickly.

    If components of a DIY system break, they have to be mailed back to the provider to be repaired; leaving your home unsecured in the meantime. We don’t want our customers to be without security, so our technicians have replacement parts at the ready.

  3. Meet industry standards.

    The home security industry has certain standards that security solutions must meet for them to be monitored by a professional monitoring centers. Many DIY solutions do not meet these standards. Our solutions do, and they are supported by our own nationally award winning monitoring center.

  4. Integrate with other home security and automation products.

    DIY Security System are typically very simple and have zero capability with the incredible home automation and security controls you have access to with an EPS Security System. You're stuck with a very basic system.

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What advantage does EPS have over national providers?

  1. At EPS, we put our customers first.

    We understand things can happen. A spontaneous move, a new job, or simply a change of pace. We will do our best to work with customers to continue to provide them peace of mind. Something that is not always a priority for the big national companies.

  2. Your system isn’t leased, you own it.

    Many providers have contracts stipulating that you are “leasing” your home security system from them, you don’t own it. But we believe our customers should own the equipment protecting them (and the things near and dear to them).

  3. Customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

    Every home is different. Every homeowner expects a different level of security. We understand that, which is why we offer solutions that are the right fit for your needs. No oversimplified packages that provide too little protection, or extravagant packages that provide far more than you need.

  4. We’re locally owned.

    By doing business with us rather than a national company, you are supporting an organization that hires local employees and actively gives back to the community. A Michigan company since 1955!

The Lyric Controller available from EPS
The Honeywell Lyric Controller serves as the central hub for security and lifestyle management including: lights, locks, thermostats and more.
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What advantage does EPS have over other local providers?

  1. EPS is 230 employees strong.

    We have more trucks and technicians on the road than any other provider in the area. This allows us to be more flexible and reactive to the needs of our customers.

  2. The same products at lower prices.

    We work closely with our suppliers to get products at the best price possible, allowing us to provide our customers with quality at a lower price.

  3. The proof is in the numbers.

    In the areas that we service, we have more customers than any other Michigan-based security provider.

  4. People put their trust in EPS.

    Many of the local businesses and neighbors that YOU trust, are putting THEIR trust in EPS to protect the things that matter most to them.

The EPS Advantage

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