Industry Certifications and Standards

There are many certifications in the life safety and security industry. Many of these accomplishments show the dedication and expertise EPS technicians, engineers, and operators strive to attain toward delivering the best solution for our customers. Furthermore, we want our customers to understand what these organizations require and provide as standards in our industry. Below is a list of the various certifications EPS technicians and operators have obtained along with the industry guidelines and standards we assure a strict adherence for our customers.


Factory Mutual (FM)

Factory Mutual or FM Global has been an engineering driven underwriter since 1835. FM prides itself in a global expertise in loss prevention and risk management. An FM approved facility or system meets the industry’s highest standards.


Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA)

The Central Station Alarm Association was incorporated in 1950 as the Central Station Electrical Protection Agency. In 1989 it became what it is known as today. Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) logoThe mission of CSAA according to www.csaaul.org:

To foster and maintain the relationship among providers, users, bureaus, and other agencies of Central Station protection services certified by a CSAA-approved Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), such as UL, FM and/or ETL.

To promote the mutual interests of the Central Station alarm industry that is certified by one of the CSAA-approved NRTLs with public officials, the insurance industry and our customers.


Five-Diamond Designation:

EPS is a CSAA Five-Diamond Certified Central Station. Information about what it takes to become Five Diamond Certified can be found here. The certification requires random inspections based on quality criteria standards provided by organizations such as FM, UL, and other nationally recognized testing laboratories.

EPS is dedicated to following the five points of excellence outlined by the CSAA and strives to uphold these standards year-after-year. In fact, EPS is one of only 10 Central Stations nationally to hold UL, FM, and Five-Diamond designation. Furthermore, EPS recently won an award (2011) for having the best Central Station Manager in the U.S. according to the CSAA.

Fire Alarm Specialty Technician(s) (FAST)

Michigan state law requires all EPS technicians to be FAST licensed. To request FAST licensing in Michigan a technician must already have a NICET, level 2, certification. The technician then must take a FAST certification exam. All FAST certified technicians must attend regular course updates.


Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL)

Factory Mutual or FM Global has been an engineering driven underwriter since 1835. FM prides itself in a global expertise in loss prevention and risk management. An FM approved facility or system meets the industry’s highest standards.


National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

The NFPA is the world’s leading authority on fire safety practices. Established in 1896, the NFPA has developed and published over 300 consensus codes and standards to minimize and fire safety issues. The NFPA has over 70,000 member NFPA Logoorganizations and individuals from nearly 100 different nations; EPS is proud to be one of them.

Along with upholding fire safety standards, the NFPA also advocates and educations life and fire safety measures world-wide. The NFPA has been the official sponsor of October’s “Fire Prevention Week” since 1922. You can find more information about the NFPA and its history, procedures, standards, and community involvement at www.nfpa.org


National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET)

The State of Michigan recognizes/requires NICET level 2 & 3 for fire alarm systems. EPS has four NICET level 4 employees and urges others to strive for further advancement in NICET certification. NICET itself was created by the National Society of Professional Engineers to serve the certification needs of organizations such as Engineer Protection Systems Inc. The mission of NICET, according to the NICET Website:

“Provide an independent evaluation of technical knowledge and experience, through certification, among those working in the fields of engineering and engineering technology; define and support career paths for engineering technicians, and engineering technologists and related disciplines; and ensure recognition and continued professional development of certified individuals.”National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) logo”

NICET was founded in 1961 and proudly boasts certification of over 125,000 technicians and technologists.

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