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ProSeries Smart Home Security and Safety

Live smarter, not harder.

Life’s already stressful. Your security system doesn’t have to be. The ProSeries home control and automation system acts as the hub for your smart home, uniting your connected door locks, lights, video doorbells, and more into a single, uncomplicated platform. What’s more, ProSeries takes convenience to the next level with built-in Amazon Alexa voice interfacing and Bluetooth hands-free disarming.

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Beauty, brains—and a whole lot of brawn.

The ProSeries looks great, but pleasing aesthetics and convenient features don’t secure a home. That’s why the ProSeries uses next-generation technology to set a new bar for home security and life safety capabilities. These high-tech devices include two-way communication between devices and the alarm control panel, better battery life, and robust protection from would-be hackers via 128-bit encryption.

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With ProSeries smart home security, connection is key.

Intrusion Sensors

A combination of motion, door and glass-break sensors provide a protective layer of security throughout your home.


MotionViewer isn’t your average motion detector. Its built-in camera records short video clips and beams them to your phone, allowing you to differentiate between real threats and false alarms.

Additional Keypads

Wireless alphanumeric keypad offers one-touch access to key functions, while the graphic touchscreen model combines an intuitive user experience and a high-resolution display.

Smoke + CO2 Detector

Notify your family of a fire or carbon monoxide emergency with voice alarm alerts and situation-specific colored strobes—and when one combo detector alarms, every unit throughout the home alarms as well.

Flood + Water Sensors

Flooding from burst pipes or leaky sinks can be catastrophic. Earlier detection with ProSeries stands to save you untold sums in water-related repairs.

Heat + Temperature Sensors

Furnaces malfunction and frozen pipes burst. Monitor unusual and dangerous temperature fluctuations with ProSeries early detection devices.

Smart Home App

With the Total Connect App, monitor and control security, thermostats, lights, locks, and cameras anytime and anywhere.

WiFi Cameras

Keep an eye on your living room, front porch, patio, and more with live views and recorded video clips with compatible HD WiFi cameras.

Connected Devices

ProSeries can connect to and control compatible smart thermostats, video doorbells, garage doors, and countless other devices.

You sleep. We don’t.

When disaster strikes, every second matters. EPS Security’s Monitoring Center is staffed by highly-trained operators 24/7/365. Whether a motion detector goes off in your living room or a smoke detector sounds in your basement, your ProSeries system sends an alarm signal to our professional monitoring team who work to alert and dispatch authorities with the greatest of urgency.

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Upgrade to smarter, safer home security today.

Get professional installation from EPS Security.

No two homes are the same, and we’re all looking for something a little different from our home security. That’s why EPS Security professionals will work with you to tailor the ProSeries system to meet your exact needs. Full control of the system stays in your hands, while you can confidently leave the installation, updates, maintenance, and monitoring to us. Our expert installation ensures your safety and security is set up to the highest of standards from the outset.

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