EPS Total Connect works with your mobile phone, tablet or PC

Control security systems, access different locations (multiple homes or businesses), manage automation devices and receive real-time alerts on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Total Connect works with Android and Apple devices.

Total Connect App on Desktop and Phone


Forget to arm your system? Need to disarm it for someone?… Or are you wondering when your employees are coming and going? You can control and check the status your entire EPS security system from across town, across the country or from the comfort of your bed.

Total Connect App on Mobile Phone
Total Connect App on Tablet and Phone


EPS Total Connect can work with a variety of home automation devices. Control Z-Wave® enabled devices such as electronic garage door openers, thermostats and lights from anywhere, at any time.


EPS Total Connect with Video allows you to look in on up to six cameras at a time. At home you can check on pets, children or the front door. Business owners can keep an eye on employees, monitor customer traffic and ensure everything is in order.

Total Connect Video Monitoring on Phone

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