Fire Alarm & Voice Evacuation

Fire Alarm & Voice Evacuation

Fire codes, whether they’re imposed by local ordinances or insurance policies, they are important in the operation of each and every business. Fire codes can shut down an existing business or prevent a new business from opening if they’re not met — and with good reason.

Few threats to your business are as potentially catastrophic as a fire. Not only does fire pose a significant danger to your facility, it jeopardizes your customers, employees and inventory as well. The financial burden of a fire can be enough to shutter a small business’s doors permanently. You can reduce the risk of fire-related losses and protect your livelihood by relying on Fire Monitoring and Detection Services from EPS Security.

Get REAL Fire Protection with an EPS System

We are committed to providing your business with a comprehensive system, customized to fit YOUR facility, YOUR business, YOUR needs. All of our systems are connected to our nationally recognized monitoring facility, located here in Michigan (not across the country or across the globe). The EPS Security Monitoring Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days week, 365 days a year, so you can count on us to detect, pinpoint, and summon the nearest fire department; allowing for safe evacuation and prompt response by local fire officials.

And our service doesn’t just stop at monitoring your system once it’s installed, we stand behind our products with continued service and assistance. Fire can have devastating consequences for your business. That’s why we want to establish a strategic partnership with your business that will last for years to come.

How exactly does that partnership get started? Let’s take a look.



A meeting with an EPS Security Consultant to go over fire alarm or voice evacuation needs and expectations.


Specs and drawing

Customer provides the needed layout for the facilities to be protected for our industry unique engineering team to design and engineer a system.



Based on the information provided by the customer, the EPS Security Consultant and engineer (if applicable) would perform a comprehensive walkthrough of the facilities to review any issues, expectations, and possible solutions.


Engineering/Scope of Work

Our team of highly trained experts will create a comprehensive security solution based on the layout of the facility, the expectations of the customer, and the scope of work required to gain optimal protection. We maintain relationships with Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) and inspectors, who understand what needs to be done to meet code requirements.


Meet and Review

This is where a finalized system is explained, and evaluated with the customer. A discussion on installation timeline and ongoing services happens here.



If the customer is satisfied with the proposed solution, the necessary paperwork is provided and the partnership is official.



Our operations team reviews the engineered solution and schedules an installation by EPS technicians. Necessary permits are acquired by local authorities.



EPS technicians install the system according to the specification and agreed upon terms. This includes the final system testing and training for staff.


Continued Service

EPS has more trucks and technicians available than any other security provider to meet the ongoing needs of the customer when any and all issues arise. We provide scheduled fire testing, which is sometimes needed to comply with local ordinances.

Why choose an EPS fire alarm system?

Technical Expertise & Engineering

We are unrivaled in our attention to detail and the human capital that we invest in the design, engineering, installation, and monitoring of our security solutions. We have a team of specialized engineers on staff as well as project managers, CAD designers, and technical support experts; all are rigorously trained and proficient in their respective disciplines. Our technicians receive specialized training from industry-leading manufacturers so they’re always current on the latest products and techniques.

Expandable Alarm Systems That Can Grow With Your Business

Things change. Businesses expand and cities regularly update their fire code requirements for businesses. You need a fire alarm system that can adapt accordingly, like one from EPS Security. Our engineers are certified, highly-trained professionals who can provide you with thorough, reliable fire protection that fits your business.

Partnerships to Provide Customers with the Best in the Business

We have partnerships with some of the most recognized and respected manufacturers in the industry. We are a Diamond-level Notifier dealer — the undisputed leader in commercial fire protection technology and our technicians and engineers hold some of the highest certifications and training available for Notifier systems. Notifier systems are well-suited to large-scale applications, such as campuses, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and office parks. For smaller applications we recommend Honeywell’s Vista control panels for their combination of robust features and exceptional value. Because of our relationships, we can procure and install these systems in a timely fashion — and at a competitive price.

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