Few threats to your business are as potentially catastrophic as a fire. Not only does fire pose a significant danger to your facility, but it also jeopardizes your customers, employees, and inventory as well. The financial burden of a fire can be enough to shutter a small business’s doors permanently. You can reduce the risk of fire-related loss and protect your livelihood by relying on Fire Alarm Systems & Monitoring from EPS Security.

Our technicians must pass rigorous training programs to ensure customers receive the highest quality of installation and service.

– Kacey Jones, Training Support Specialist

Get real fire protection with an EPS system

We are committed to providing you with a comprehensive system, customized to fit YOUR facility, YOUR business, and YOUR needs. Whether you are a boutique shop in need of a small, one-building fire alarm system, or a 5,000 person company requiring multiple systems across many facilities, we can help you.


A Fire is Detected

EPS is Notified

Fire Department is Dispatched

24/7/365 Monitoring

All of our systems are connected to our award winning Monitoring Center facility, located here in Michigan (not across the country or across the globe). The EPS Security Monitoring Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days week, 365 days a year, so you can count on us to detect, pinpoint, and summon the nearest fire department, allowing for safe evacuation and prompt response by local fire officials.

Our service doesn’t just stop at monitoring your system once it’s installed. We stand behind our products with continued service and assistance. Fire can have devastating consequences for your business. That’s why we want to establish a strategic partnership with your business that will last for years to come.

Keep calm in times of panic

Most of us have sat through the piercing sound of a fire alarm at some point in time. It is stressful, anxiety-provoking, and panic-inducing. The good news is, there is an alternative to this sound: the human voice. Voice Evacuation technology has been around for quite some time and is now becoming a popular feature in fire alarm systems. Instead of a loud, jarring noise, listeners hear a voice that is programmed with a predetermined script. This voice can give evacuation instruction in an attempt to keep building occupants calm. It can also help law enforcement, fire, or emergency services deploy more accurately when they arrive on scene. In addition, voice evacuation systems can also be installed with paging systems. When a pre-recorded message isn’t enough, someone can take charge.

And that’s not all. If installed in your facility, Voice Evacuation systems can be programmed to give mass weather alerts, on-campus threat notifications, and natural disaster warnings. If you want to keep your building occupants calm and collected in times of stress, it is truly an incredible option.

Why choose EPS?

  • Technical expertise & engineering

    We are unrivaled in our attention to detail and the human capital that we invest in the design, engineering, installation, and monitoring of our security solutions. We have a team of specialized engineers on staff as well as project managers, CAD designers, and technical support experts, all rigorously trained and proficient in their respective disciplines. Our technicians receive specialized training from industry-leading manufacturers so they’re always current on the latest products and techniques.

  • Expandable alarm systems that can grow with your business

    Things change. Businesses expand and cities update their fire code requirements for businesses. You need a fire alarm system that can adapt accordingly, like one from EPS Security. Our engineers are certified, highly-trained professionals who can provide you with thorough, reliable fire protection that fits your business.

  • Partnerships to provide customers with the best in the business

    When looking at fire alarm services, you might be tempted to do a little googling and find the cheapest option near you. A fire-alarm is a fire-alarm, right? Well, that isn’t exactly true. There are certain fire-alarm systems that enable first-responders to perform their duties more efficiently, leading to lives being saved and damages reduced.

    Here at EPS, we use NOTIFIER® Systems from Honeywell, the Global Leader in Fire Detection. Honeywell has been in the fire prevention business since 1957, and it shows. Along with having the broadest range of fire detection available today, their systems have addressable technology, which focus on assisting firefighters in managing an emergency with superior technology. In addition, many of their systems can be monitored from remote locations, allowing those in charge to monitor multiple facilities and manage them from a central location.

    So, a fire alarm isn’t just a fire alarm and a service provider isn’t just a service provider. Here at EPS, we strive to be partners you can count on. We strive to provide the absolute best service possible.

  • Service you can count on

    In addition to all of the standard inspection, tests, and support, our customers receive the following services, which keep there system functioning at a high-level year round.

    • Routine testing of all alarm devices for functionality or damage.
    • A functional test using specialized tools that detect malfunctions that would otherwise go unnoticed.
    • Adjustments and calibration of the fire alarm system.
    • System performance evaluations.
    • Routine service performed by licensed and factory trained technicians.
    • Thorough documentation confirming test completion and results

    *EPS Technicians provide testing per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. Periodic fire alarm system testing is required by code and can expose potential problems before they result in system malfunctions which may lead to false alarms or system failure.

  • Protection for your people and assets

    Are you testing regularly, but looking to lower operational cost? EPS can test and inspect systems provided and installed by other system providers. A thorough documentation confirming test completion and results includes:

    • System performance evaluations
    • A sensitivity test using specialized tools to detect malfunctions that may otherwise go unnoticed
    • Adjustments and calibration of fire alarm system control equipment
    • Routine service performed by qualified EPS technicians

  • Relationships with local authorities

    Here at EPS, we have close relationships with local fire departments across the state of Michigan. Because of these relationships, we are continuously updated on local fire law, code and ever-changing procedures. In addition, we know the systems and procedures that firemen swear by. As an EPS partner, you’ll have this knowledge at your fingertips each and everyday.

What does working with EPS look like?

For more than 65 years, we have been helping organizations throughout Michigan protect their products, employees, and customers. Our processes have been tested thousands of times on thousands of different business, so when we say you can rely on our structured plan of engagement, we mean it.

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