Access Control & Card Access

Access Control & Card Access

Safety. It’s at the front of every business owner’s or facility manager’s mind, whether it’s the safety of employees, customers, assets or classified information. One of the best ways to make sure all of these are safe and secure is by ensuring that the right people have access to the right places, at the right time.

While an old-fashioned lock and key might have worked well enough years ago, it’s definitely not the most effective or efficient way to secure a building today. The experts at EPS Security can design, install, and monitor a comprehensive access control solution that will protect what’s most important to your business.

Get An Access Solution As Unique As Your Business

Every organization is different: a luxury auto dealership has very different security needs than a daycare center. That’s why an access control solution from EPS Security can be tailored with a range of technologies that meet your specific requirements.

Card Reader Systems

Each access solution is unique, which is why we offer a variety of card reader systems. These include everything from HID proximity key cards to ID badges to keyfobs. Each solution tailored to our customer’s needs.

Intercom Systems

We offer a range of systems that include any combination of voice, video, and remote lock and release. These are beneficial for facilities where access needs to be requested, verified and approved or denied.

Biometric Scanners

Does your facility have extremely restricted areas that require a higher level of security than is provided with a traditional access control solution? We offer robust solutions that include fingerprint and retinal scanners.

Video Surveillance Integration

Our access control solutions are not just stand alone systems. They can be integrated with our video surveillance systems for added levels of security.

EPS, Your Access Control Partners

Our relationship with your business doesn’t end when your system is installed. We stand behind our products with ongoing service and support, creating a strategic partnership between EPS Security and your business that will last for years to come.

How exactly does that partnership get started? Let’s take a look…



A meeting with an EPS Security consultant to go over access control needs. Some businesses or facilities may only require 1-2 doors they wish to control while some may require dozens of points of entry.


Specs and Drawing

Customer provides the needed layout for the facilities to be protected. This allows our industry unique engineering team to get a head start. Not all systems will require this step, but it always helps.



Based on the information provided by the customer, the Security Consultant and any applicable engineers would perform a comprehensive walk-through of the facilities to go over any issues, questions, expectations and possible solutions.


Engineering/ Scope of Work

Our team of Engineers, CAD Operators and Technical Specialists will design a comprehensive access control solution based on the layout of the facility, the expectations of the customer and the scope of work required to deliver optimal protection.


Meet and Review

A finalized system is proposed to the customer to be explained and evaluated. A discussion on an installation timeline and ongoing services happens here.



If the customer is satisfied with the proposed solution, the necessary paperwork is provided and the partnership is official.



Our Operations team reviews the engineered and agreed upon solution and schedules installation by specific EPS Security technicians trained and certified for the scope of the system. A timeline is established to meet the needs of the customer.



EPS technicians install the Access Control system according to the specification and agreed upon security system. This includes final testing, training to applicable customer staff, and an introduction to the Managed Access Control administration team.


Continued Service

EPS has more trucks and technicians available than any other security provider to meet the ongoing security needs of the customer when any and all security issues arise. EPS Managed Access Control customers are provided real-time management and control of their system, records and management by our dedicated Managed Access Control team.

Why choose an EPS access control solution?

Technical Expertise & Engineering

We are unrivaled in our attention to detail and the human capital that we invest in the design, engineering, installation, and monitoring of our security solutions. We have a team of specialized engineers on staff as well as project managers, CAD designers, and technical support experts; all are rigorously trained and proficient in their respective disciplines. Our technicians receive specialized training from industry-leading manufacturers so they’re always current on the latest products and techniques.

Partnerships to Provide Customers with the Best in the Business

We have partnerships with some of the most recognized and respected manufacturers in the industry. These manufacturers include:


We Manage Your System So You Don’t Have To

Our dedicated Access Control team manages nearly 1,000 buildings for our customers. A service very unique to our industry and one we have mastered over years of application. As a part of our Managed Access Control system we will manage cards, records, and other administrative needs including:

  • Add new employees & remove former employees
  • Set specific activation dates or deactivate access cards
  • Limit access to areas on specific dates, such as holidays, or certain times
  • Track employee entry times and receive scheduled activity reports

Experience Across Industries

We have installed access control solutions across a wide variety of facilities including:

  • Data Centers
  • Correctional Facilities
  • City/County Public Buildings
  • Schools
  • Doctors Offices
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Banks
  • Multi-tenant properties

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