Home Automation

Home Automation

Control everything from anywhere with Home Automation from EPS.

With Home Automation from EPS you can lock the doors, dim the lights, and even look at your front door to see if that ringing doorbell means that your pizza has arrived.

Homes are getting much smarter — and much more convenient.

Take control of your home. Improve energy efficiency, remotely control doors, arm/disarm your system and close that garage door. Just a few possibilities with EPS home automation.

With EPS Home Automation, you control all of your home’s systems: security, lighting, entertainment, and comfort. Better still, you can do so from your smartphone, anywhere in the world. If you’re at the airport and ready to start a 10-day vacation, but you’re not sure whether you closed the garage door. With EPS Home Automation, you can close the garage door, program your lights, and turn down the thermostat, all from your smartphone.

No two homes are alike. So EPS configures each home automation system to suit your home and your lifestyle. EPS technicians have extensive training and expertise to design a Home Automation system that does more, so you can do less. And while this level of convenience and control sounds luxurious, it’s also less expensive than you think.



EPS Security customers have the ability to connect thermostats that allow effortless programming and control, no matter where you are. Geofencing technology adjusts your home’s temperature before you arrive and after you depart. It’s designed to be part of your connected home for years to come, offering elegant integration with both the Apple HomeKit and Amazon Echo.


Garage Door Control

It’s the question that all of us ask, over and over again: “Did I close the garage door, or did I forget again?” With connected Garage Door Controls, you’ll have an answer AND the ability to close it, from the office or your daughter’s soccer game.


Total Connect Mobile App

The most important device in your home isn’t in your home — it’s in your pocket. With the Total Connect Mobile App and Home Automation from EPS, you can control every aspect of your home: security, comfort, lighting, and entertainment, all from the palm of your hand.


Door Locks/Keyless Entry

Keys are so last millennium. With smart door locks and keyless entry as part of your EPS Home Automation, you can unlock your front door using your smartphone. Automatically lock and unlock doors, or let the plumber in while you’re at work. Greater security and greater convenience go hand in hand.


Lights & Lamps

Sure, the light bulb was a good idea. But imagine turning off all the lights in the house, while you’re watching Netflix in bed. Imagine programming the lights to turn on just before you get home, or to lower for your dinner party. It’s not just possible; it’s simple with Home Automation from EPS.

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