Life Safety

Life Safety

in property damage from fires in 2015

Become well protected from the unexpected with Life Safety Alarm Services from EPS

You’re proud of your home, with good reason. But as every homeowner knows, anything can happen — and sometimes does. Bursting pipes, malfunctioning furnaces, and fires occur more often than we’d like and more often than you think. But with Life Safety Services from EPS you’ll rest easier, knowing that your home, its contents, and the people inside, are well-protected.

You may think you’re covered because your home has smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. But suppose a fire starts while you’re away? In almost no time, smoke and fire can destroy valuable items such as electronics, furniture, and clothing and priceless items such as artwork, keepsakes, and photo albums.

With EPS Life Safety Services, a modern, sophisticated array of technology monitors your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When the system detects anything out of the ordinary (such as rising levels of smoke or carbon monoxide, or a temperature that’s too low or too high) it instantly notifies the EPS Monitoring Center. If needed, EPS can dispatch assistance: police, fire, or EMTs.

To minimize property loss, make every second count with Life Safety Services from EPS.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fires are among the greatest potential dangers that can occur within your home. The moment that our systems detect a possible fire, we alert your municipal fire department, to reduce the risk of fatality, injury, or property loss.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide gas is odorless, colorless, and potentially lethal. It can be produced by malfunctioning appliances such as furnaces, water heaters, automobiles or small engines. Because you can’t see or smell it, a carbon monoxide detector is essential.

Low-temperature Monitoring

If you’re home when your heating system fails, you notice it right away. If you’re on vacation for two weeks, the consequences could be disastrous. Low-temperature Monitoring from EPS alerts our Monitoring Center — and can even alert you via smartphone.

Smoke & Heat Detection

EPS offers robust technology that not only detects smoke or fire but immediately alerts the EPS Monitoring Center. EPS technicians will determine the optimal placement for these devices to maximize protection and minimize false alarms.

Water Leak Detection

A burst or leaking pipe is awful, but a burst or leaking pipe at a cottage or rental property could go undetected for days or weeks. But with Water Leak Detection devices from EPS, you’ll be alerted immediately.

Medical Alert

The hard truth is that all of us are getting older, and so are our parents, grandparents, and our aunts and uncles. With EPS Medical Alert services, the people that you care about will enjoy greater independence while you enjoy greater peace of mind.

Standard Home Monitoring
From $35/mo
Features & Benefits
  • Cutting-Edge Security and Smart Home Technology with industry-leading partners
  • 24/7 Monitoring provided by our locally owned and operated UL certified, FM approved & Five Diamond awarded Monitoring Center
  • Cellular/Internet Monitoring is a more secure & reliable form of security communication
  • Nationally Award winning response/dispatch times
  • Free Activation whether your system is EPS or not
  • Free Panel/Keypad Upgrade to existing security systems if required
Standard + Total Connect
From $43/mo
Features & Benefits
  • Everything included in the Standard Monitoring Package
Plus You’ll Get:
  • Access to the Total Connect Home Security App
  • Arm/Disarm and receive notifications from your cell phone or mobile device
  • Can be integrated with Skybell, Keypad Door Locks, Thermostats and other Smart Home products
  • Option to add Total Connect with video for $7.00/mo

Ask About Our Premium Service!

Everything in the Standard Monitoring package, access to Total Connect Remote Services, Service to all parts and pieces of your system, a Cellular Protection Plan that provides you with updates to the cellular communication device, Annual Fire Testing, and more. Ask your EPS Security Consultant how to enhance the security of your home with these additional services.

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