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Home Security


Rest easier, with home security from EPS.

You’re never more relaxed and comfortable than in your own home. But if you read the local news, you know that anything can happen — and sometimes does. Trespassing, burglaries, and home invasions happen more often than we’d like and more often than you’d think. But with home security services from EPS, you’ll rest easier, knowing that your home, its contents, and the people inside, are well-protected.

EPS uses a sophisticated, modern array of technology to monitor your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When the system detects anything out of the ordinary, it notifies the EPS Monitoring Center. If needed, EPS can dispatch assistance; not just the police, but the fire department, or EMTs. Unlike traditional home security systems, home security from EPS doesn’t require a dedicated phone line (often referred to as “POTS”). Instead, EPS Home Security uses a cellular unit that’s far more secure, and avoids the cost of a dedicated land line.

Your home decor fits your lifestyle; your Home Security should too. EPS technicians have extensive training and expertise so that your Home Security system protects your home effectively, efficiently, and effortlessly. While this peace of mind is priceless, it’s also less expensive than you think. EPS technicians can help you find the balance of security and convenience that works best for you.

Home Intrusion Alarm Systems

Home Intrusion Alarm Systems are the backbone of the EPS home security system. A series of devices monitor your home for open doors or windows, movement, or glass breakage. These devices communicate with the EPS control panel which can trigger chimes or more urgent audio alarms, flash the lights, and notify the EPS Monitoring Center.

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Total Connect Mobile App

The most important device in your home isn’t in your home — it’s in your pocket. With the Total Connect Mobile App and Home Automation from EPS, you can control every aspect of your home: security, comfort, lighting, and entertainment, all from the palm of your hand.

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Video Monitoring Systems

If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is priceless. Want to see who rang your doorbell, or check on your new puppy? A Wifi Video Monitoring system from EPS is for you. Or do you need HD video surveillance of your vacation home, with footage stored on DVR and accessible from your smartphone or your web browser? EPS has a Video Monitoring system for you, too.

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Standard Home Monitoring
From $35/mo
Features & Benefits
  • Cutting-Edge Security and Smart Home Technology with industry-leading partners
  • 24/7 Monitoring provided by our locally owned and operated UL certified, FM approved & Five Diamond awarded Monitoring Center
  • Cellular/Internet Monitoring is a more secure & reliable form of security communication
  • Nationally Award winning response/dispatch times
  • Free Activation whether your system is EPS or not
  • Free Panel/Keypad Upgrade to existing security systems if required
Standard + Total Connect
From $43/mo
Features & Benefits
  • Everything included in the Standard Monitoring Package
Plus You’ll Get:
  • Access to the Total Connect Home Security App
  • Arm/Disarm and receive notifications from your cell phone or mobile device
  • Can be integrated with Skybell, Keypad Door Locks, Thermostats and other Smart Home products
  • Option to add Total Connect with video for $7.00/mo

Ask About Our Premium Service!

Everything in the Standard Monitoring package, access to Total Connect Remote Services, Service to all parts and pieces of your system, a Cellular Protection Plan that provides you with updates to the cellular communication device, Annual Fire Testing, and more. Ask your EPS Security Consultant how to enhance the security of your home with these additional services.

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