Commercial fire alarm services and inspections

Commercial fire alarm services and inspections

A fully-functioning, monitored fire alarm system is required by law in nearly every Michigan business. Business fire protection is essential in safeguarding your employees, merchandise, and premise. Maintaining and testing a commercial fire alarm system, however, can be a hassle. Luckily, our team of expert engineers and trained fire alarm technicians is here to ensure you do not have to tackle this task alone.

Experts in Michigan fire code

When it comes to state fire code, we do not expect you to know the ins and outs. Fire alarm and monitoring requirements can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and on the job, your expertise is likely required elsewhere. At EPS Security, however, our team of engineers knows the expectations set for your commercial fire system, and is prepared to meet them.

At EPS Security, our team includes more NICET Certified Engineers and EPS technicians with NICET and FAST licensing than any other service provider in the region.

The state of Michigan requires FAST, or Fire Alarm and Systems Training, for all EPS technicians. In order to become FAST certified, technicians must first obtain NICET Level I and II certifications, provided by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies.

What sets us apart from other providers? Our technicians go above and beyond. EPS Security prioritizes the continued education of our employees, meaning our technicians attend frequent course updates, and often, exceed standards by achieving additional certifications, such as NICET Level III and IV. Our team is always learning!

When we say we entrust only the best with your business safety, we mean it. Whether installing a new fire alarm system, updating an existing system, or performing annual fire alarm testing, our expertise plays a major role. 

eps trainer showing trainee fire panelFire alarm monitoring

Commercial fire alarm monitoring is required by law for a reason. When it comes to business fires, a matter of seconds can be the difference between life and death. Selecting a monitoring service should be about more than meeting standards—your provider should exceed them. 

The award-winning EPS Monitoring Center is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Unlike other providers, we do not outsource our monitoring service to a third-party. We employ and train fellow Michiganders as professional operators, ready to respond 24/7/365. They are your neighbors.

Who would you prefer as a dispatcher during an emergency? 

  • An individual who is out-of-state, unfamiliar with the community, and not a direct employee of the company you hired
  • An EPS dispatcher who lives and works locally, and has developed working relationships with the first responders in your community

Annual fire alarm testing and inspections

Michigan code also requires commercial fire alarm systems to undergo annual inspections. Annual inspections ensure your technology meets performance standards. A fire alarm system that does not meet state requirements may not offer sufficient protection to your employees, customers, and products. Ultimately, the safety of your people, places, and things is our highest priority.

In addition to requirement by the state of MI, why are inspections necessary? 

  • Prevents false alarms (which in some jurisdictions, can result in fines)
  • Detects system malfunctions before they cause harm
  • Documentation of inspections may play a role if insurance claims occur due to fire
  • Provides the people on your premise with peace-of-mind

eps fire keypad

Why partner with EPS Security for your inspections?

Arranging fire alarm testing may seem like a stressful task, but when you partner with EPS Security, inspections are hassle-free. We have a team of technicians dedicated specifically to commercial fire alarm testing, and service. These technicians have undergone extensive training and have ample experience in the field. It’s what they do, each and every day.

As your fire alarm inspection and safety partner, EPS will provide: 

  • A thorough system performance evaluation
  • Device sensitivity test performed using specialized tools to detect malfunctions
  • Official reports and audits of the fire alarm system
  • Routine service performed by qualified EPS technicians

EPS Security also offers agreements for annual fire alarm testing. Establishing this agreement when installing a new system, or reaching out to add it to a current system, means EPS will contact you when it is time to schedule an inspection. Let us take the reins.

Building reports

For all commercial inspections, EPS Security uses Building Reports to provide customers with a thorough summary upon completion. Building Reports is widely recognized as the standard for inspection reports, tracking, and relevant information. This system makes keeping track of your inspections and service, simple.

eps vehicle parked in home drivewayThe EPS advantage

For more than 65 years, EPS Security has installed, tested, and serviced customized security solutions in Michigan businesses. We protect the people, places, and things affiliated with your business, so you can focus on future success. We aim to make maintaining your business safety as pain free as possible, while still providing top-notch protection. Who better to assist you in meeting Michigan fire code than a fellow Michigan business? If you’re ready to get started, we’re here to help.

Fire protection services with EPS Security

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