Monitored security vs managed security systems

Monitored security vs managed security systems

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Monitored vs managed security: What does it mean?

When breaking down security systems, monitored and managed are important distinctions. This security jargon indicates how your system functions, and who the “man behind the curtain” is, so to say. Whether you’re shopping for business security, or looking to better understand the existing system(s) at your site, EPS Security has you covered.

Monitored security systems

A monitored alarm system is a security solution that communicates with a designated monitoring center. With a team of operators on 24/7 stand-by, nearly any signal sent by a monitored alarm system will be received and handled by a trained professional.

Monitored alarm systems provide valuable peace-of-mind to business owners and employees, alike. These systems allow you to rest assured knowing your chosen security partner is just a call—or alarm signal—away.

The truth is this: Monitored security solutions save lives. From fire alarm systems, to intrusion alarm systems, these monitored solutions are an asset on any commercial site. Let’s break these down.

Monitored: Commercial fire alarm system 

Monitored Fire alarm systems, showing fire alarms, fire exits signs, and a fire pull in a building.

Not only do commercial fire alarm systems save lives, but they’re required by law in nearly every Michigan business. Michigan fire code requires monitored fire alarm systems, specifically.

When it comes to a fire event, or the presence of carbon monoxide, emergency response time is critical. When your fire alarm system is triggered, your designated monitoring center receives this signal, calling for the immediate dispatch of your local fire department.

Your partnered monitoring center also plays an important role in helping your business maintain fire code. If a device has a low battery, pauses communication, or another maintenance issue is detected, our team of award-winning operators will contact your designated call list, notifying you of the signal. Monitored fire alarm systems keep your people, places, and things, secure.

Monitored: Intrusion alarm system

Images of broken glass and a burglar with banner reading monitored.

Unlike commercial fire alarm systems, intrusion alarm systems are not required by law. They do, however, provide important building protection. These monitored systems are reactive. When a door is breached, motion is detected in a protected area, or glass is broken, an intrusion alarm system notifies the connected monitoring center.

Protecting your building from after-hours break-ins and vandalism is a valuable means of loss prevention. When you leave your business, you deserve to leave work behind. But who’s protecting your business when you’re not there? An EPS Security system can.

Managed security systems 

A managed security system is a solution not in communication with a designated monitoring center, but is otherwise managed by your security provider. Often, managed security solutions feature back-end administrators through your security company, and include semi-regular services like system testing, inspection or routine maintenance.

Managed security systems, such as access control and video surveillance solutions, allow you and your provider to share oversight of your security system. Let’s check out how this works with each type of solution. 

Managed: Access controlImages of person installing a keycard / access control system, and images of card readers.

Access control systems allow you to decide who can enter which parts of your business, and when. With a managed access control solution, you get to make the decisions, while allowing the security experts to do the work. On the job, your time is likely required elsewhere. Managed access control allows you to pass the baton to a trusted provider.

With Managed Access Control through EPS Security, our Managed Access Control team will program access, revoke access, and manage your door-locking schedule, as requested. Entrusting a professional security provider to act as your access administrator, ensures only authorized changes are made to your system.

Managed: Video surveillance

Images of dome cameras being installed on the exterior of a brick building and inside a building into the ceiling tile. Last image is the exterior of two exterior cameras on a brick building looking out.

With the right security partner, system maintenance should be a part of the equation. As video surveillance becomes increasingly popular, it’s important to discuss the work that goes into maintaining such a system. Often, surveillance solutions, both indoor and outdoor, require semi-regular software updates, lens cleaning, and routine upkeep.

At EPS Security, we offer preventative maintenance plans, so you never have to tackle this solo. In addition to reoccurring maintenance, at installation, our team will work to ensure any required persons know how to access and use the system.

The EPS advantage

Font of brick, EPS Security Grand Rapids building with red EPS logo.

The bottom line is, whether your site has monitored or managed security, your provider plays an important role. That’s why selecting your security partner is no small task. At EPS Security, we’ve protected Michigan businesses for more than 65 years. We work alongside businesses large, or small, to meet their unique security needs. With custom-engineered security solutions, we prioritize the comprehensive, and ongoing protection of your facility. 

When you choose EPS, our security partnership does not end at installation—it is just getting started.

Commercial security with the EPS advantage

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