How EPS Security covers your business security bases

How EPS Security covers your business security bases

This morning, you may have:

  • Got your kids around

  • Waited twenty minutes in the school drop-off line

  • Spent an hour getting caught up from yesterday’s busy afternoon

  • Got stuck in an hour-long video call with an important vendor

  • Put out several small, but important fires before lunch

  • Grabbed a bite to eat on the way out to an important client meeting

…and after all that, did you happen to look into your ancient security system? The security system protects your employees, safeguards your business, and insuring continued operation…

A successful business owner is likely to be BUSY. At EPS, we like to keep ourselves busy making the lives of business owners and operators easier by taking care of their business security needs from top to bottom. While you’re stuck in traffic on the way to a meeting, we’re monitoring your alarm system for intrusion and fire events. While you’re data-entering at light speed at the end of the day, our technicians are performing routine preventative maintenance on your surveillance cameras. Most importantly, when you finally make it home and are enjoying your well-deserved rest, we’re still standing by, ready for whatever threats lurk in the night.

Whether it’s a new system, expanded system, upgraded system, or even a system takeover, if you’re not enjoying the benefits of a security partnership with EPS, you’re missing out on lock-down security and peace of mind you simply can’t find elsewhere.

EPS doesn’t do “just” security systems

EPS Security’s professional experience isn’t limited to “just” commercial burglary systems. While keeping burglars at bay is a vital component of a total security solution, it’s only a part of a comprehensive business security plan. Other threats to your business exist, including:

  • Fire, carbon monoxide, and environmental dangers

  • Property damage

  • Theft and robbery during business hours

  • Employee theft

  • “Sensitive area” access breaches by customers and unauthorized employees

A burglar alarm system can detect break-ins, but it can’t help out during a fire or emergency evacuation, and it certainly can’t identify which employee stole inventory and when. Any business interested in minimizing the human and fiscal risks of running a business should concern themselves with top-to-bottom protection covering four major disciplines:

  • Intrusion alarm systems

  • Fire alarm and voice evacuation systems

  • Video surveillance systems

  • Card access control systems

A four-pronged approach is essential in protecting your business and its employees. Fire alarm systems are required by law and help notify occupants of threats to life such as fire or carbon monoxide leaks. Burglar systems put your business on guard for any after-hour miscreants; while video surveillance systems can help identify ill-meaning visitors 24/7 both inside and outside your business. Keyless entry systems can help you manage who enters your building and when, allowing you to funnel customers into public areas and granting only those authorized to restricted areas.

Some companies are excellent at installing fire alarm systems. Others specialize in installing video surveillance systems. No Michigan company, however, is built to design, install, and service all four of the major security disciplines with as many technicians on the road state-wide as EPS Security. As the 23rd largest security company in the country, EPS is able to field a massive team of trained technicians who are trained in-house to install world-class systems by leading manufacturers such as DMP®, Honeywell®, NOTIFIER®, Digital Watchdog®, AXIS®, and DSX®. Instead of calling four different security companies for your business security needs, you can just make a single phone call to the EPS office and speak directly to your region’s security consultant.

The EPS Security Monitoring Center is on call 24/7/365.

A burglary or fire alarm system is only as good as the company monitoring it. Without alarm monitoring, a security system will set off sirens and/or strobes within your building, but emergency services will not be notified and dispatched for your emergency. In a burglary, a criminal could make off with thousands of dollars of materials within a very short period of time. In a fire, emergency dispatch is a literal matter of life and death.

Some alarm companies view alarm monitoring as an “also”—as in, “Yeah, we also do monitoring.” In some cases, security providers outsource monitoring to a third-party company that may be located in a completely different state. Minimal emphasis on operator training or the complete outsourcing of alarm monitoring positions can lead to increased dispatch times during critical emergency situations such as business fires. Additionally, companies that use third-party monitoring are more at risk for communication issues, with messages from the customer intended for the security company having to go through the third party before reaching the correct recipient.

At EPS Security, monitoring isn’t an afterthought. It’s a critical component of our approach to total security, and as such, we don’t entrust it to anyone else. There are a number of advantages the EPS Monitoring Center has over other options, including:

  • Locally owned and operated as a part of EPS, not a separate company

  • Dispatchers trained in-house by a team of experienced security professionals

  • Five Diamond-certification and UL/FM listing, meaning EPS can monitor high-risk businesses such as jewelry stores that other non-listed companies cannot

Most importantly? The EPS Security Monitoring Center is open 24/7/365 to ensure that no matter when an emergency occurs, we’ll be on hand to receive the signal and dispatch the local authorities without delay.

Check out our 2022 award for National Monitoring Center of the Year

EPS is a “big” small business.

There are typically two types of alarm providers: big, national outfits and small, regional companies. Big companies can command decent prices and have higher marketing budgets but often leave a lot to be desired regarding services. When it comes to installing a new system or servicing an existing device, customers are often left with long waiting periods, staggering service fees, or even the outsourcing of services to a third party.

On the flip side of the coin, smaller regional companies are usually more responsive. However, they may not have the manpower for large projects or the same clout as bigger providers, potentially resulting in backlogs, higher prices from manufacturers, and even a company that can’t provide every one of the “big 4” security disciplines.

EPS Security is an interesting contradiction. For 65+ years, EPS has been a family-owned and locally operated company that prides itself on its connections to the communities we service. However, we’re also the 23rd largest security provider in the country, meaning we have the muscle to negotiate lower rates on our parts and pass that savings on to our customers. Being a “big” small business means having local offices across the state, including:

Having local offices ensures faster response times from consultants and technicians. Additionally, as a larger local company, we train and maintain a sizable field of technicians to further minimize response times and to ensure that whatever your issue, a technician is only a phone call and a short trip away from fixing your system.

EPS doesn’t make cookie cutter systems.

Your business isn’t the same as the business down the street from you. Each business security application has different needs, layouts, and security vulnerabilities—some of which are unique even within your own industry. It doesn’t make sense, then, to design and install security systems in a “one-size-fits-all” fashion. A pre-packaged security solution doesn’t take the unique needs of your business security into consideration, so why trust it?

At EPS Security, we take a different approach. Your initial meeting with a dedicated EPS Security consultant identifies your unique needs, reviews security options, and then passes the information on to our system design team. Our expert security system designers will then devise a unique solution to fit your layout and abide by applicable regulations and codes. Once approved, our installation team is on the job, building and subsequently testing your system to ensure proper operation. And for continuing maintenance and support, our service technicians and technical support staff are available to ensure your system works as well on Day 1000 as it did on Day 1.

Find out more about the EPS process

The EPS Advantage

The point of investing in a security system is to provide business owners and operators with peace of mind. If you install a subpar system or it is maintained and serviced in a lackluster manner, it’s likely to only add to your stress, not alleviate it. At EPS Security, we make it our mission to provide you with the security you, your business, and your employees deserve—a mission made easier by our local proximity.

If your security situation needs a boost or if you’re starting from scratch, you don’t need to look any further than EPS Security for a comprehensive, streamlined solution. We’ll work with you to determine which designs and devices work best at covering what you need protected. Whether you’re just starting your new business or looking to protect a successful enterprise, let EPS Security craft you a custom security solution 66 years in the making.

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