Home safety & security tips for new parents

Home safety & security tips for new parents

Whether having your first child, or continuing to grow your family, parenthood changes your priorities. In welcoming a new addition, it’s likely you’ve spent some time considering the safety of your home and surroundings. That is, in addition to building a crib, painting a nursery, and pondering the perfect baby name.

At EPS security, our safety solutions provide peace of mind to parents at any stage. So you can soak up the joys of parenthood, with one less worry.

Life safety solutions

As a parent, keeping your baby safe, happy, and healthy is likely your highest priority. At EPS Security, we know this is no small task. In preparing for your new arrival, where did you begin? Maybe you started by ordering nursery furniture, or considered how you might baby-proof your space. This is because safety and comfort begin in the home.

Life safety systems, consisting of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, are an essential part of home security. Already, it’s likely your home has life safety devices installed. The simple presence of these devices, however, is not enough. When was the last time your life safety devices were inspected or updated? Are your detectors monitored for immediate emergency dispatch?

With a new addition to the family, parents can’t afford the risk of outdated protection. Life safety solutions with EPS Security offer the best safety technology in the industry. Our monitored smoke and CO detectors detect accurately and with immediacy. When a life safety device is triggered, an emergency signal is sent to our award-winning EPS Monitoring Center, where seasoned operators are on staff 24/7/365.

When it comes to fire or the presence of CO, a matter of seconds can change the whole trajectory of an emergency event. Our operators are on stand-by to dispatch local authorities at a moment’s notice.

Intrusion alarm systems

In the chaos of new parenting, when you manage to lay your head to rest, home safety shouldn’t keep you awake. Intrusion alarm systems with EPS are custom engineered to protect your home and family. So when little ones are sleeping soundly, you can too.

Intrusion alarm systems are made up of monitored devices that work to secure your home from all angles. When a back door is breached, a window is broken or shimmied, or motion is detected in a secured area, your system will send a signal to the EPS Monitoring Center. Like with life safety systems, our experienced operators will handle your alarm with urgency, calling a pre-planned emergency contact list to verify your safety, and sending emergency responders if needed.

With an intrusion alarm system, you can secure your space whether you’re home, or away. When home with your new baby, this system can be armed to “stay mode.” This means you can move freely throughout the interior of the home, meanwhile, perimeter doors and windows remain protected. As a parent, the peace of mind that comes with protecting what matters most, is priceless.

Video surveillance—an even better baby monitor 

Modern camera systems are available for both in and outdoor surveillance. While they’re not a direct replacement for your typical baby monitor, these HD video cameras can add an additional layer of protection. Often, homeowners invest in video surveillance as additional perimeter safety, or place cameras indoors to surveil areas needing further security. For a new parent, this may be a nursery or shared living space.

Whether the cameras zone in on the nursery door or window, track movement in the nearby hall, or are positioned directly at baby, home video solutions are crafted to fit your unique security needs. Home video surveillance with EPS, specifically, is available for remote viewing, meaning you can view camera footage from your smartphone anytime, anywhere. Especially for caretakers returning to pre-baby routines, this feature provides an additional level of comfort.

The EPS advantage

At EPS Security, we have more than 65 years of experience securing Michigan’s people, places, and things. As a local, family-owned business, the safety of your home and loved ones is our highest priority. If you’re seeking additional protection as you embark on this new journey, contact our team, today. Our scalable solutions are designed to grow alongside your family.

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