Getting to know Michigan’s security expert

Getting to know Michigan’s security expert

At EPS Security, we believe Michiganders deserve to feel and be safe. Our love for the Mitten state is why we set out to protect Michigan’s people, places, and things all those years ago. Since our start—in 1955—our mission has not changed, but our technology and business are ever-evolving. After 65 years as Michigan’s security expert, it’s time we reintroduce ourselves. 

Founding EPS Security

EPS Security, or Engineered Protection Systems, Inc. was founded in 1955. What began as a small, Grand Rapids company with only a handful of employees quickly blossomed into a statewide security operation. Now, EPS employs over 200 of Michigan’s best, and services more than 30,000 satisfied customers.

Our company was founded with community safety and customer experience in mind. At EPS, we know our security systems save lives, protect property, and provide Michiganders with peace of mind. For more than 65 years, we have continued to expand and grow, all while maintaining these strong values we’ve had from the start.

Passed down from father to son, EPS remains a family-owned company, lead by President Kevin Carlson. Over the years, the Carlson family sought to offer Michigan the skills, technology, expertise, and service of a national provider, while providing customers with small-business service. It’s safe to say EPS has accomplished just that.

Since 1955, EPS Security has opened additional locations in three Michigan cities: Kalamazoo, Traverse City, and Petoskey. Our primary office remains in Grand Rapids, but relocated to 750 Front Avenue in 1990. It’s also had quite the makeover.

Take a look at how far we have come: 

The meaning behind our name

The E in “EPS Security,” stands for “Engineered.” At EPS, we know security solutions are not one-size fits all. That’s why this word was carefully selected for our company title. Each solution we provide to Michigan homes and businesses is custom engineered to best protect the space. Our on-site engineers work directly with home and business blueprints to identify at-risk areas, crafting solutions to meet the individual needs of each customer. The expertise of our engineers is, in many ways, what sets us apart from the rest.

A local and family-owned company

EPS Security is a local and family-owned business. Passed on from one generation to another, our company prides itself on the employees who run it, and the communities we serve. EPS Security is ranked among the top twenty-five security providers in the nation; however, we are not a giant, national company out of touch with its customers. Nor do we aspire to be one.

At EPS Security, we are your neighbors. The same people who attend your local gym, frequent your city coffee shop, and drop their kids off at the nearest school are the individuals running our company. At EPS, supporting local businesses is of utmost importance—because we are one.

Partnering with local businesses means employing fellow Michiganders. It also means putting money directly back into your community. In addition to local operations, EPS prioritizes American-made products when possible. In 2019, we formed an exciting partnership with DMP, or “Digital Monitoring Products.” DMP is a security systems dealer located in Springfield, Missouri. DMP manufactures their security technology right here in the United States, down to the smallest parts and pieces. At EPS, we are proud to install their products in Michigan businesses.

Our products and services

At EPS, we are a market leader in residential and commercial security solutions. EPS specializes in intrusion alarm, fire alarm, card access, and video surveillance systems. Additionally, we provide Managed Access Control, Commercial Fire Alarm Testing, and 24/7 Alarm Monitoring. Our award-winning Monitoring Center is located right here in our Grand Rapids building. While other companies outsource their monitoring to a third party, we employ fellow community members to look out for our customers.

EPS is also a full-service security provider, meaning we engineer, install, monitor, test, and help maintain the systems we provide, big or small. When you choose EPS, your safety partnership does not end at installation—it has only just begun. Whether you need training for your brand new system on day one, or would like to polish up your system on day 1,000, we will be there. Protecting your people, places, and things, is our highest priority. 

Safety and security experts

Everyone deserves to feel safe at home and on the job. While EPS engineers study blueprints, technicians install new systems, and operators dispatch on alarms, other members of our team research the security tips you need to know. At EPS, we strive to act as security ambassadors. This means using our website and digital footprint to explore common security questions and provide our expertise to those seeking to learn all about home and business security.

Here at EPS, we also release weekly blogs in three categories: Home Security, Business Security, and EPS News. These blogs highlight the specific security problems your home or business might face, and offer expert security advice to help you protect what matters most. Our blogs also share security quizzes, fun facts, and behind-the-scenes insight other providers don’t want you to know.


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eps technician working with customerThe EPS advantage

At EPS, our service withstands the test of time. In fact, one of our very first customers is still under our care today—a 50+ year relationship that emphasizes our commitment to customer satisfaction. EPS Security believes security and life safety is an important partnership. We’re highly preferred by your friends and neighbors, and we would like to become your preference, too. As we continue to protect Michigan’s people, places, and things for the next 65 years, we would love to have you along for the journey

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