Spring security checklist for homes and businesses

Spring security checklist for homes and businesses

Spring is officially here, which means it may be time to freshen up your home and business security. As showers fall in Michigan, and flowers begin to bloom, there are several steps you can take to ensure your space meets safety standards. As you initiate seasonal cleaning, check out our spring security checklist.

1. Check door locks and windows for weathering

After a long, Michigan winter, traditional door locks and window latches may have been impacted by the elements. Check all door and window hardware for rusting or other weather damage. Access points with damage should be repaired or replaced to protect the perimeter of your home.

2. Check exterior lighting

Next up on our security checklist: Check the exterior lighting. Keeping the exterior of your home or business well-lit is a known burglar deterrent. Besides, who wants to fumble with their keys in the dark, or walk through an unlit parking lot? Check your premises’ outdoor lights, and replace any burnt out bulbs.

3. Create or revisit emergency plans

When was the last time you discussed your emergency plans with family or employees? At your residence, where will you meet in the event of a fire? On the job, what are severe weather, or fire evacuation protocols? Communicating with your family and coworkers can help ensure all are prepared if an emergency strikes. Preparation can provide your loved ones or employees with peace of mind, and may even save lives.

4. Call a security professional

Looking to take your spring safety checkup one step further? A safety partnership with a professional security provider can help ensure your home or business is protected from all angles. When you request a quote with EPS Security, our experienced representatives will provide a free safety evaluation of your site. After performing a walk-through of your space, our team can assist you in deciding which security solutions may best fit your safety needs. From intrusion alarm systems, fire alarm systems, video surveillance, and more, our tried and true technology works to safeguard your people, places, and things.

5. Existing customers: a security review

If you’re an existing security customer, whether with EPS or another provider, consider a security system check-up. Like a vehicle or cell phone, with time, even security systems require a tune-up. When is the last time your provider changed smoke/CO detector batteries? Is your system still communicating via landline, or relying on outdated devices? We can help!

With EPS Security, your safety partnership does not end at installation—it has only just begun. 

Additionally, if you have an existing security system, whether at your home or business, we recommend reviewing who has access. Often, employees come and go, the babysitter goes off to college, or another person once authorized no longer needs access to your space. An annual review and update of who can arm/disarm your system, call in on behalf of your business, or swipe in using an administered access card, will help keep your security up-to-date. If you’re an EPS Security customer requesting changes to your account, contact our Customer Care team today.

The EPS advantage

This spring, and all year long, EPS Security is prepared to offer top-notch protection for your space. Together, we can cross each item off your security checklist.

For more than 65 years, EPS has engineered, installed, serviced, and monitored home and business security systems across the state of Michigan. Our team of dedicated professionals provides the stability, experience, and technology of any national provider, while maintaining small-business service. Whatever your security interests may be, we can help steer you towards optimized site safety. Learn more, or contact us today.

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