The EPS Security Technician: A dedication to quality

The EPS Security Technician: A dedication to quality

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If you’ve ever considered having a security system installed, you may have thought about what kind of security you need, and possibly your budget…

…but there is more that goes into your security system to consider:

  • Who is going to install my security system?
  • Who will come and fix it if issues arise?
  • Where will they be coming from?

EPS Security distinguishes itself by prioritizing local and well-trained technicians. To maintain our reputation as Michigan’s go-to security professionals, EPS Security established a state-of-the-art training center.

The Security Technician process

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The EPS Security Training Center aims to enhance the customer’s experience by providing each Security Technician with a rigorous training regimen. Our technicians are trained by experts, professional trainers, and curriculum designers. The standards set during initial training ensure each of our Security Technicians is equipped and capable of meeting customer expectations. EPS Technicians also receive updated training and technology reviews with the latest products and their features, directly from our manufacturer partners.

Additionally, our technicians earn various licenses and certifications, including those required by relevant regulatory bodies, allowing us to provide you with the best service. Our technicians must pass and maintain licensing like: the Electronic Security Association (ESA) National Training School (NTS) or the Certified Fire Alarm Technician Level II or NICET Level II. After achieving these standards, a Security Technician may take important licensing exams before working in the field.

ESNT, Electronic Security Networking Technician license symbol

Examples of these crucial licenses:

  • Michigan’s F.A.S.T. license, (Fire Alarm Specialty Technology) for burglary/fire alarm technicians
  • E.S.N.T. certification, Electronic Security Networking Technician (Access Control and Video) for access control/video surveillance technicians

In the EPS Security Training Center, technicians are not only trained on basic job duties like meeting fire code and programming requirements, but they are also taught the EPS Security Standards.

EPS Security technician standards, listed with red numbered bullet points: Being responsive to customer requests, Being a trusted advisor for the customer, Providing each customer with a personal touch.

Moreover, an EPS Security Technician will continuously work to develop their skills and grow from Trainee to Apprentice, then to a Technician, and eventually to a Senior Technician. EPS Security provides continuous licensing and certifications to ensure each security technician can continue to learn and develop their skills at any stage in their careers. With a clear path for each technician, we help them to progress to the next level of security expertise.

Providing customer value

The average Joe won’t know the ins-and-outs of fire code, how to correctly install high-tech security equipment, know how to work with inherited equipment in a building, or how to effectively troubleshoot when issues arise.

EPS Security technician training includes covering unique scenarios that may differ from one customer or building to another. From drilling into brick, to working with existing wiring, to installing equipment that syncs up to cellular communicators, our technicians do it all. With training, our team can complete the job properly and on time.

Technicians train on specific qualifications, such as (but certainly not limited to!):

  • The correct installation for your infrastructure and building materials to avoid damage and provide a clean installation of the equipment.
  • How to program a system to fit the unique needs of the customer and their daily use.
  • Ensuring proper communication to the EPS Security Monitoring Center.
  • Personalized training for our customers to use their system and get the most out of their security.

We are the local security professionals

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Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan the EPS Training Center provides our technicians, who work in local communities throughout the state, a valuable resource. The curriculum available includes routine reintroduction of basic system knowledge and the exploration of new security technology. Our team is dedicated to providing abundant resources for our technicians to advance their security careers.

Whether you are in the market for a security system or looking to make a change, take into consideration the advantage of a local, professional, and responsive security technician. EPS Security has been serving Michigan businesses and homes since 1955 with a dedication to excellence in service.

Want to learn more about home or business security from EPS? Find your local EPS office and contact our team today.

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