Business security systems: Full-service protection

Business security systems: Full-service protection

Full service security banner, with logos and text underneath for: Intrusion Alarm, Fire Alarm, Access Control, and Video Surveillance.

Full service security banner, with logos and text underneath for: Intrusion Alarm, Fire Alarm, Access Control, and Video Surveillance.Every business needs physical security. Whether your primary interest is securing your people, property, possessions, or all the above, you can’t afford to let your business sit unprotected.

Many security providers claim to provide “business security systems.” A little digging often reveals the limitation of this claim.

  • Some providers can provide intrusion alarms for small businesses but not larger commercial security systems.
  • Some security companies aren’t licensed to work on specialized commercial fire alarms or voice evacuation systems.
  • Other companies install video surveillance systems but aren’t trained in engineering card access control systems.
  • Technical limitations aside, some companies simply lack the manpower to install world-class devices with both quality and expediency.

When shopping for the best business security systems, you may find yourself looking at going with one business for fire alarms, one for intercoms, one for surveillance cameras, one for…

At EPS Security, we pride ourselves on our full-service approach to business security solutions. From mom-and-pop shops to warehouses to chemical plants, we’ve provided custom burglary, life safety, video surveillance, and access control solutions to just about every industry imaginable. Of course, it isn’t enough to be able to do it all. A tried-and-true full-service security provider needs to do it all and do it well.

Burglar alarms & environmental protection

Banner with Intrusion symbol and a door with broken glass.For starters, a top-down security provider must know the ins and outs of burglary alarm systems. Your business needs to be protected from intruders, thieves, and other miscreants. Even then, a bank is going to have different security concerns and vulnerabilities than a car garage or a museum. A professional security provider should be willing to meet with you to identify your business’s weak points and what your unique protection needs. This is exactly the approach our EPS security consultants take before working with our trained security team to create a system that suits your needs.

Full-service also means providing alarm system equipment that the average business owner may not think about. Preventing crime against your company or employees is always a major concern, but what about alerting you to water leaks or ensuring that your walk-in freezer is still within the appropriate range of temperatures? “Burglar” alarm systems can do so much more than alert police to external threats—and it should be your security company’s job to educate, offer, and provide you with features that could help defend from threats of which you weren’t even aware.

24/7 fire alarms & voice evacuation systems

Banner with Fire symbol and image of a fire exit sign and smoke.While burglars get a lot of attention concerning business security, fires are a far greater risk to life and can cause devastating damage to commercial properties. Fire alarm systems extend beyond the smoke detectors you have installed at home. Business fire alarms can get complicated quickly and are subject to a myriad of rules and regulations that differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. When it comes to your business, you deserve a company whose engineers and technicians have decades worth of experience learning the ins and outs of fire alarm regulations.

Luckily, EPS Security is a foremost expert in commercial fire alarm systems. We’ve worked for years directly with fire marshals and other authorities to ensure that our customers’ systems offer essential protection from life safety threats—all while maintaining alignment with existing fire codes.

Video Surveillance

Banner with video symbol and an image of two outdoor cameras on a brick building exterior.Burglary and fire alarm systems are reactive business security systems. Someone breaks in or a fire breaks out and the system reacts ASAP. A comprehensive security solution, however, requires preventative measures. Enter surveillance cameras. Long gone are the expensive, grainy analog cameras of the past. The IP camera revolution is here, and these cameras pack a punch. Dome, bullet, PTZ, pinhole, fisheye, explosion-proof, multi-sensor cameras, and more offer a greater variety of coverage than ever before, affording greater visibility for hard-to-surveil business quarters.

Of course, new technology can get incredibly complicated. Networking for IP cameras, especially if multiple sites are involved, can get tricky for anyone without a good deal of IT training. Many companies that specialize in burglary or fire alarm systems don’t have the manpower or technical capabilities to install or maintain professional-grade surveillance systems or they can’t provide IT support after the point of installation. EPS Security customers don’t have these problems. We make knowing the complexities of surveillance cameras our business. Once we’ve installed the cameras that fit your needs, we offer preventative maintenance and software service agreements to help keep your hardware and software working smoothly long into the future. We hold firmly to a core principle; your video surveillance system should perform as well on day 1,000 as it did on day 1.

Access control & intercom systems

Banner with identification card symbol, and image of hand with card scanning badge to enter building, and a keypad and camera next to the scanner.Speaking of complex networking, card access systems—think card readers, key fobs, magnetic locks, and intercoms—are a beast unto themselves. Due to their intricacies, some companies specialize only in card access systems. The systems themselves, when installed correctly, work like a charm, granting access to visitors and employees only at pre-programmed doors and times. But after a company installs your locks and readers and sets up your server and access database, what happens if something goes wrong? On top of this, administrating a massive card access system can also be a headache. Programming employee key cards, setting schedules, running user reports—it can all occupy a sizable chunk of anyone’s workday, especially if they’re not familiar with the software.

At EPS Security, we aim to alleviate these pain points. Is your door not working? Contact our Service department, chock-filled with experienced technicians for every type of burglary, fire alarm, video surveillance, or card access system. Don’t have the time or resources to add, delete, and otherwise manage cards yourself? We have an entire group of technicians dedicated to administrating cards for customers, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of card access without any added stress.

24/7 alarm monitoring

When we say full-service, we mean it. This means professional 24/7 alarm monitoring. A burglary alarm or fire alarm system only offers true protection if it sends alarm signals to a professional monitoring center. Otherwise, if an alarm event occurs and no one is there to hear it, who is notifying emergency services?

A security company could provide all four of the previously mentioned types of systems but outsource the monitoring of their alarm systems to a third-party provider. At EPS Security, we firmly believe that in-house monitoring is the superior option. Our dispatchers undergo rigorous training to ensure the EPS Monitoring Center remains a Five Diamond-certified, UL/FM-compliant operation.

Business Security systems: One call does it all

As a full-service security provider, one phone call is all it takes. Whether you’re looking to improve an existing system, consolidate security providers, or install a brand-new system altogether, get on the horn with EPS Security, and let us show you just how easy the one-stop security experience can be.

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