The EPS Advantage: Managed Access Control & card access systems

The EPS Advantage: Managed Access Control & card access systems

Keeping your business secure 24/7 is a chief concern of business owners, property managers, and heads of maintenance alike. While intrusion systems are a vital component in detecting security breaches after hours, it can be more difficult to prevent unwanted solicitors or trespassers during business hours, especially for those companies operating through all three shifts. That’s why an increasing number of businesses have turned to card access systems, also known as key card or access control systems, to control the flow of traffic. With a card access system’s ability to grant access only to cardholders—and its ability to identify said cardholders and allow them access only to appropriate areas—businesses are afforded more flexibility and security than those operating under outdated lock-and-key setups.

Of course, a card access system must be properly managed and maintained to achieve maximum efficiency. Most businesses can technically manage their own card access systems, but surveys show that only 15% of those responsible for managing their systems regularly monitor their system for potential security breaches. Some companies are simply too large to manage the volume of employees without assistance. Pulling up usage reports, setting up door schedules, and adding and deleting cards eat up time that could otherwise be dedicated to profit-building or staff-managing endeavors, and sometimes essential card access functions fall by the wayside.

The benefits of EPS Managed Access Control

One way to more efficiently manage your system is to use a managed card access system. EPS Security has an entire department dedicated to managing over 1,000 buildings and are responsible for administering more than 3,000 unique user changes in a month. Having an EPS Managed Access Control system allows you to:

  • Add, change, or remove cards for employees
    Did you hire a new employee?  Did you let someone go and need their access terminated ASAP? Our card administrators are glad to assist you. They’re even able to schedule a card activation or deactivation for a date in the future.
  • Set door schedules for holidays
    Is your business closed for Labor Day? Are you closing early for New Year’s? No worries–just submit a schedule change and our administrators will handle it.
  • Set limitations for certain areas 
    Not every employee needs access to every area. Our administrators can set tiers of authority so only the appropriate employees have access to specific locations within your business.
  • Track employee usage data and receive scheduled activity reports
    Need to know who arrived, at what door, and when? Our administrators can set up reports to be sent to you automatically so you can review them at your leisure.
  • Speak directly with an Access Control Administrator for assistance
    Have questions about your access software or the capabilities of your system? Did you need clarification about the contents of your scheduled reports? Our card access administrators are available via email or phone to assist you.

Instead of taking it upon yourself to learn the ins-and-outs of card access software, managed systems allow companies to offload the bulk of the work to a group of skilled access technicians, saving on time and potential frustration. Managed systems allow companies to focus less on running door software and more on running a business.

Maximizing your managed system to secure your building

Managed access control allows for superior control of your door system. However, implementing multiple layers of security can help to lock down your building to only those you want inside.

  • Use visitor badges
    If someone needs access to your building on a temporary basis—whether it’s a contractor, a visiting customer, or an employee’s spouse coming to meet for lunch—issue them a card that is only valid for the day, and only during certain hours to eliminate the possibility that they or anyone else could use the card again. EPS Managed Access Control customers typically have 5-50 blank key cards on deck for visitor badges alone.
  • Have a receptionist or security guard at the main entrance of your business
    In addition to your card access system, the physical presence of an actual person can deter or identify potential tailgaters (non-authorized personnel entering behind a valid cardholder) and prevent them from entering the building.
  • Know your card access set-up
    Knowing how your cards and schedules are programmed can help crack down on tailgating. For instance, many of EPS Security’s card access systems can be programmed with an anti-passback feature. Essentially, a system programmed for anti-passback will prevent a card that has scanned “in” from working again until it is scanned “out.” This prevents a card from being passed back to a friend or co-worker for them to gain unverified access.
  • Create a safe culture
    Make sure your employees close the door behind them to avoid unwanted visitors. Let everyone know the proper person to contact if a door is not latching or locking properly.  The more aware employees are of possible card access issues, the more likely they are to report it.

Implementing these procedures can bolster your managed control system’s ability to secure your building and provide your company with a multi-faceted approach to building security–and, hopefully, provide you with peace of mind knowing you’ve covered all the bases.

Get a tailored system that fits your needs

Every business is unique in its size, layout, number of employees, and specific needs regarding door access, so it wouldn’t make sense to provide the same security solutions to every customer. EPS Security’s team of professional Security Consultants and Security Engineers work together to tailor your card access system to your specific needs—including setting up a managed system. Whether you’re looking at expanding your current card access setup or looking at setting one up for your business, EPS Security has you covered. Let’s build security together!

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