Elevating your doorbell game with the Skybell video doorbell

Elevating your doorbell game with the Skybell video doorbell

Landmark technological advancements have increasingly changed the face of the world over the last century and the average home has not been left untouched. For decades, technological innovation was often focused on appliances or electronics. Ovens and refrigerators became more efficient in both function and energy savings. Televisions and computers became bigger, clearer, and more powerful. As technology improved, consumers demanded products that were both cheaper and better-performing. Companies obliged, looking for ways to decrease the cost of production while increasing product performance—essentially, to increase demand and decrease their bottom line.

Since the dawn of the new millennium, a fascinating trend in home technology has developed. Providers prioritized bringing faster and more dynamic internet into residences as the demand for connected devices and streaming services surged. The internet became coupled to previously static devices as the emphasis shifted from pure performance to accessibility and convenience. Consumers no longer wanted devices and appliances that just worked well; they wanted devices that worked how they wanted them to work.

This paradigm shift heralded the start of the age of the smart home. As more and more families function as two income households, consumers look for ways to view and control their home remotely. Lights can be turned on or off from afar. Coffee makers can be started on a schedule. Garage doors can be activated through an application on your phone. While the benefit of many of these “smart” devices lies largely in their connectivity, the technology has allowed for the reinvention of other devices entirely. Nowhere is the seemingly limitless possibility of the modern smart home more pronounced than in the Skybell® video doorbell.

The doorbell you didn’t know you needed

The doorbell was invented back in 1831 and has essentially remained the same in design and function since its widespread adoption at the turn of the 20th century. A guest approaches the front of the house, presses a button, and the homeowner greets them at the door. For guests, a doorbell functions as a means to determine whether a homeowner is present and interested in engaging; for homeowners, doorbells act to alert them of a visitor so they can choose whether or not to answer.

The smart home revolution changed this dynamic dramatically. A Skybell® video doorbell rings like any other, but it doesn’t just chime out loud. When a visitor presses a button, an alert is sent to the homeowner’s smartphone. From the designated application, a homeowner can pull up video footage from the Skybell® to determine who is at their door. Not only that, but a homeowner can actually speak to their visitor through the Skybell® without ever needing to answer the door!

The Skybell® is an excellent way to screen for unwanted visitors, but that’s only the beginning. The Skybell® uses its built-in motion sensor to detect every guest that comes to the door and then saves the footage of each encounter. Homeowners who are busy or otherwise unavailable when a guest arrives can download the footage later at their convenience. Concerned about the rising incidences of package theft? The Skybell® will automatically capture footage of package deliveries—and any malcontent who may approach the package thereafter.

Best of its breed

The video doorbell has exploded in popularity within the last few years, with any number of options available on the market. The Skybell®, however, performs at a higher and more secure level than the more problematic “DIY” options available, owing its excellent reputation to its stellar features:

  • HD Video

Its 1080p resolution and 5x zoom places it in the same sphere as many widely used commercial surveillance cameras.

  • Color night video

If a video camera can’t capture images at night, it’s really only working half the time.

  • Extreme weather resistance

The Skybell® is tested to perform from -40° to 140° F, which is essential for any outside electronic device being installed in Michigan homes.

  • Quiet Mode

Turn off your indoor chime and keep your sleeping babies and pets from waking up.

  • Two-way audio

Tell the delivery person to drop the package off on the welcome mat or tell the neighbor that you’re not currently home—whether you are or not.

It’s not just the physical features that make Skybell® the premier video doorbell. The Skybell’s® ease of use and selectable software features—motion alerts, snapshots, sensitivity adjustments, and more—put this video doorbell in a class unto itself.

Part of the bigger picture—compatibility with EPS Total Connect®

The Skybell® functions perfectly by itself, but it’s when the video doorbell is paired with EPS Security’s Total Connect® platform that it really shines. The Total Connect® app acts as the command hub for your smart home. From your smartphone, PC, or connected device, you can arm and disarm your security system, control compatible home automation devices such as lights, door locks, and thermostats, and view footage streaming in from your Total Connect® cameras–all organized in a simple and easy-to-navigate events log. With the Total Connect® app, you can know what is happening and when it’s happening, all from the palm of your hand.

Using Skybell® in conjunction with Total Connect®-compatible door locks allows for a homeowner to both screen visitors at their doors and then unlock the doors for them if desired. It’s a dream for homeowners employing house sitters, dogwalkers, or contractors who don’t want to take time out of their busy day or worry about their homes while on vacation. With Skybell® and EPS Total Connect®, you’ll never go back to a standard “dumb” doorbell again.

The EPS Advantage

In an age of smart home technology and cutting-edge security features, you don’t have to settle on home security solutions. Video doorbells add an additional layer of security to a more “conventional” monitored security devices such as motion detectors and window break sensors. This multi-pronged approach to securing your home is the new standard for home security and EPS Security is at the forefront of the trend. We have nearly 65 years of experience in engineering and installing home security systems across the state of Michigan, and we work hand-in-hand with our vendors to procure next-generation smart home devices at competitive rates. If you’re ready to take your home to the next level of home security, check out EPS Security and discover what the modern smart home security solution can do for you.

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