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Four simple tips for custom business surveillance systems

Four simple tips for custom business surveillance systems

Businesses are increasingly turning to surveillance cameras to enhance the security of their buildings, employees, and inventory. It’s not just the ability to pull up footage from a crime or questionable incident that makes a surveillance system an enticing security addition, either: the mere presence of security cameras has been shown to have a measurable deterrent effect on would-be burglars. For businesses owners and operators serious about protecting both their workers and their bottom line, a surveillance system is an investment that often pays for itself.

Every business requires its own unique surveillance solution to ensure proper coverage and close-to-seamless operation. With so many camera, storage, and placement options available, however, it is easy to be paralyzed by an overabundance of choice. While the engineering and installation of a high-performance surveillance system is far more complicated than a few simple steps, we’ve compiled a few simple tips owners and operators should keep in mind when considering what works best in their own business.

Camera placement is key.

For starters, a business owner will need to consider what they’re trying to protect. Most businesses employ at least a few workers, so observing points of ingress and egress are a must. If a business handles cash, cameras should be placed at any point of sale or over any safe. Stock rooms, warehouses, or supply rooms in inventory-heavy businesses require constant surveillance to deter and detect employee theft.

But not every camera works for every situation. A fisheye camera might work well over a cash register, while a multi-sensor camera might be necessary to cover a hallway intersection. Even something as simple as determining what camera to place where can get complicated fast—and that’s before considering how to provide power to wherever each camera winds up. The complexity of designing even the physical aspects of a camera system is just one of many reasons why most business owners rely on the expertise of experienced professionals such as EPS Security when designing their business’ surveillance system.

retail cameraQuality pays.

Camera quality and capabilities have improved dramatically since the old, grainy, black-and-white box camera images of yore. The best cameras on the market have a variety of capabilities ranging from extreme zoom and focus to infrared night vision and beyond. While a thrift shop may not need, say, an explosion-proof camera with a telescopic lens, basic features such as image quality can help to provide necessary, vivid video images when a business owner needs it most no matter what industry they are in.

As technology has improved, high-quality cameras from world-leading manufacturers have fallen in price, allowing even small or fledgling businesses the ability to install comprehensive surveillance equipment to protect their businesses. EPS Security can often provide superior pricing on superior cameras, as the sheer volume of products we order for our customers often allows us to negotiate deals or qualifies us for special rates with our manufacturers.

eps technician putting up a camera on the side of a brick buildingContinued maintenance is vital.

Even the highest quality surveillance cameras require attention and care after installation. Dust can build up on lenses. Cameras may need to be refocused after a room has been rearranged. Software and license updates may be required to keep the system running smoothly. Without continuous maintenance, business owners may find essential footage is missing when they need it the most.

Cleaning one or two camera lenses may not seem like a big deal, but especially for larger businesses, maintaining hundreds of hard-to-reach cameras can quickly become a Herculean task. It’s why EPS Security offers preventative maintenance with their surveillance systems. Twice a year, one of our dedicated Preventative Maintenance technicians is scheduled to come out to perform the following tasks:

  • Lens cleaning

  • Software and firmware updates

  • Re-focusing and re-aiming of cameras (if applicable)

  • Video storage devices check for general functionality and retention

  • Pass/fail testing of battery backup device (if applicable)

By performing maintenance on a semi-annual basis, EPS Security can help ensure the video systems we install in our customers’ businesses are working as well on Day 1000 as they did on Day 1.


Professional installation is a must.

Business owners can’t afford to have a poorly engineered or installed camera system. If a crime occurs but the camera was pointed in the wrong direction or the wrong type of camera was put in, it could cost a business incalculable sums in terms of money or lives. A properly installed and maintained camera system is a long-term investment in a business’ security and future, and its capacity for monitoring and protecting employees, products, and property should not be gambled on by hoping a discount option will work when you need it most.

At EPS Security, we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes in countless industries to devise surveillance solutions that best suits their individual needs. When a business owner works with EPS Security, they can be confident in the fact that we’ve been developing comprehensive business security solutions for more than six decades and work with only the best manufacturers and devices to provide optimum protection for those who trust in us. With an EPS Security surveillance system, our customers sleep well knowing their digital eyes are always open.

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