Common sense tips for protecting sheds, pole barns and other disconnected home storage buildings - EPS
Common sense tips for protecting sheds, pole barns and other disconnected home storage buildings

Common sense tips for protecting sheds, pole barns and other disconnected home storage buildings

In 2018 we published a blog series called “Layers of Security.” From the outside to the inside, thinking about the layers of security protecting the home is crucial for optimal safety and security. With that said, certain areas of the home can be forgotten when it comes to protection. With warm weather right around the corner, it’s time to think about updating and reinforcing the security throughout your property.

Many homeowners use sheds as a place for out-of-season odds and ends, but they don’t consider the accumulated value it holds. Sheds, pole barns or other home storage buildings can be easy targets for thieves. Whether your shed is attached to your home or not, protecting outdoor space is essential to creating strong home security.

Shed Security

Structural weaknesses: Extreme weather can cause a shed to deteriorate. Loose slats, rotting wood or holes in the roof can provide little defense against unwelcome visitors–including animals. At the beginning of the season, check the structural stability of your shed and fix any weaknesses to prevent thieves from an easy getaway.

Doors and windows: Studies show that 30% of intruders enter through a door or a window. The same goes for a shed. Old clasps and locks make it easy for a thief to break-in with minimal effort. Change rusting locks and clasps with a sturdy clasp and staple secured with coach bolts and a rust-resistant padlock. Make sure window locks are secure, and window coverings keep belongings protected from street view.

Protected view: Usually, sheds are shielded from the view of the front yard which gives intruders time to attempt a break-in. Plant thorny bushes around the perimeter of the shed as a deterrent and keep them trimmed so as not to provide a hiding place. You should be able to see your shed clearly from a back window in the house or the street.

Secure tools: the shed is a place to store tools and ladders that can be used to break into the home. Making sure your shed is secured properly assures that a burglar can’t use your tools to get into the house.

Additional security tips

Motion sensor lighting: Keeping your yard well lit is an easy way to deter unwanted visitors. Install motion sensor floodlights to your shed or garage for added protection.

Install a security system: The best way to avert a potential break-in is to install a high-quality security system. In a study done at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, researchers interviewed over 400 incarcerated men and women convicted of burglary. The study showed that roughly 60% of burglars look for an alarm system before robbing a house and if one is present they choose to move on to another house. It’s important to understand that many break-ins are opportunistic crimes. Taking steps to create a secure environment around your home is one of the best ways to reduce chance of becoming a victim.

Creating layers of security in and around your house is one of the things we do best! If you are interested in adding an alarm system to your layers of defense, fill out the form below, and we’ll get right back to you!

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