Layers Of Security: Addressing the perimeter of your home

Layers Of Security: Addressing the perimeter of your home

This article is part II of a three part “Layers Of Security” series we will be diving into in 2018.

While we focused on the outside space of the home in part one, this article will focus on one of the most critical barriers and spaces in your home. Doors, windows, garages, and other access points are the most important areas to consider when developing your own home security. While statistics may vary, it is generally agreed upon that over half of all break-ins are simply performed through a locked, or unlocked, front door. Furthermore, the majority of home break-ins occur in broad daylight—between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm—rather than at night… A scary realization for many homeowners!

It makes sense, right? For most burglars, physically harming a homeowner is not the goal. Their intentions are typically to get in and out of a home with as many of your valuable possessions as they can carry. This includes jewelry, electronics, firearms, heirlooms, and any other valuable items that can be resold before you even realize they are gone.

At EPS, we help our home security customers protect these entry ways with electronic door contacts, glass break sensors, motion detectors, key-less door locks and customizable video surveillance systems. All of these devices work in concert to create an electronic layer of security. When an EPS alarm system is armed, you will be alerted if that layer of protection is penetrated without your permission. That is the strength of an EPS Home Security system.

What can you do?

In addition to the strength and speed of an EPS Home Security system, there are a few other ways to improve the perimeter security of your home. Some of the seemingly obvious tips to follow are frequently broken or ignored.

1. Lock all doors and windows when you’re away from home, especially any entry with easy access from the ground floor.

2. Is it under the welcome mat? Taped under a flower pot? Or did you buy one of those fake rocks that sticks out like a sore thumb? Either way… It is incredibly risky to leave a key to your home outside. Why leave a key where anyone might stumble upon the golden ticket to your prized possessions. A quick solution would be to add keypad or key-less door locks that can be programmed to include guest codes. Most available locks have finishes/features that improve the aesthetic of your entry-ways, something a fake rock does not.

3. While it is not nearly as common, second and upper floor windows can certainly be targets for burglars especially if they are easy to access. First and foremost, ensure ladders are locked away. Does your home have outdoor lattice walls or scalable architecture? Be sure to secure any upper level entry windows, balconies and doors as well.

4. Curtains, blinds and other decorative window/door dressing might not stop a burglar. However, they do help conceal what you have inside. Can that brand new big screen television be seen from the street? Does anyone know that jar of quarters you’ve been collecting for 5 years is home alone sitting on a shelf? Keep these things in mind before taking a long weekend getaway, or locking up the cottage for the winter.

Most criminals are simply looking for opportunistic situations. Taking only a few steps toward protecting the perimeter of your home will reduce your risk of burglary or home invasion.

Make your home a safe home!

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