Layers of security: Home security precautions beyond the front door

Layers of security: Home security precautions beyond the front door

This quick review is the final part of a three part “Layers of Security” series we have been publishing throughout the year. So far, we have covered two ‘layers’ of security surrounding the home; the outside space, and the perimeter (walls and doors). This post will explore security measures for inside of the home.

We often think securing the outside and the perimeter of our home is enough to deter intruders. However, considering factors inside your home will only strengthen your barriers and ensure you are doing all you can to make your space safe.

First and foremost

Adding a home security system is one of the best things that you can do to improve the security inside and outside your home, but the second most important part of your inner layer of security is creating a space that feels lived in, used, and monitored. Intruders most often enter a home when they believe no one is there. An empty, unattended home becomes an easy target. Placing interior lights on timers to go on in the evenings, and adding the correct window treatments can be ways of showing your home is occupied and monitored. Hang curtains that prevent intruders from peeking in while also making your house feel occupied.

You do not want to display any valuables through an open window. Household items such as electronics, jewelry, cash, antiques, heirlooms, and firearms should be stored out of sight by keeping smaller items inside drawers, or in a safe hidden in the house. A burglar is going to follow the path of least resistance and go for the items that are the easiest to remove from the home. At the very least, keep these highly attractive theft items out of plain sight. Expensive electronics should be bolted/tied down, firearms locked away, and jewelry stored inconspicuously.

Another area to consider inside the home is the garage. First and foremost, any easy to reach tools or ladders may be used for an intrusion. What is worse than having your home broken into? Providing the intruder with the tools to get in! It is important to keep your garage closed and access doors locked to prevent intruders from either using these tools to get into the house, or simply stealing from your garage. Most acts of theft are simply due to opportunity. A bike, tool bag, or piece of lawn equipment sitting unattended on the garage floor becomes a target for snatch and grab thieves. You may have heard of package thieves taking deliveries right off the doorstep of homeowners… What’s to stop them from taking a few extra steps into your garage?

Don’t set yourself up

Hopefully through this three part series you were able to pick up some ideas about how to add layers of security and further protect your home. Simply applying just a few security measures can significantly increase your level of protection and decrease the likelihood your home becomes a target of intrusion, theft or worse.

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