The ins and outs of managed access control

The ins and outs of managed access control

When it comes to securing your business, the right security partner will offer more than protection from fire and intrusion. Modern security solutions function not only to secure your space, but also to ease operations at your business. Managed access control is a business security solution that proactively protects your premises. But what more? Card access solutions allow you to ditch clunky key rings—for good. 

Access control vs. traditional door locks

Access control systems consist of electronic door locks, which are programmed to unlock with the use of individualized key cards. Access control allows business owners to program who is authorized to access which areas of a premises, and when. This proactive security measure offers employers oversight of employee activity, while simultaneously providing peace of mind to others on the premises. With access control, your employees and visitors can arrive at the business always knowing only other authorized persons can grant access.

Electronic door locks, void of key-in-lock entry, additionally, offer a higher level of security than traditional locks. These entry points cannot be picked or left unlocked due to employee error, meaning your business is better protected. Access control doors are often programmed by time, meaning doors that are open for public access during the day, lock automatically outside of business hours.

What is managed access control?

There are two types of access control systems: self-administered card access, and managed access control. Self-administered access control systems are managed by someone on the business premises, such as a facilities manager or site supervisor. This person, or people, have full control over the system’s programming. This means they can administer new access, revoke existing access, and lock and unlock doors on site. Local card access allows for more immediate changes to be made, but places an incredible amount of responsibility in this designated person’s hands.

Managed access control systems, on the flip, are maintained by the security company through which the system was installed. At EPS Security, our team of managed access control experts oversees all access changed and door lock schedules for managed systems. Entrusting a professional security provider to act as your access administrators ensures only authorized changes are made to the system.

On the job, your time is likely required elsewhere. Managed access control allows you to pass the baton.

Access control in various commercial spaces

Access control solutions are scalable, meaning they are fit to secure a single entry point, or tens of doors on a premises. From entire school districts, to a small office space, card access systems make movement throughout a business secure and efficient.

Let’s take a look at what various levels of key card access may look like at your place of work.

Access control at the office:

  • The office opens to the public at 8:00 am, but employees are authorized to enter as early as 7:00 am. Each staff member has an access card allowing them to enter at this time.
  • The HR Manager stores confidential documents, so their office cannot be left unlocked. A card reader is placed on this office door, and only the HR Manager’s card may access it.
  • On-call facilities coordinators often need access to the building outside of standard hours. Their key card grants 24/7 access to main entry points throughout the premises.

Access control for the warehouse:

  • First shift employees only need to access the north end of the warehouse. Each worker has a swipe card that allows them to enter this area, but restricts access to unnecessary areas.
  • Often, shipments arrive at the warehouse outside of business hours. The trusted delivery driver has a swipe card that allows them to access the loading/unloading dock.
  • The warehouse supervisor needs access to all areas of the building, at any time. This individual has a card that grants this permission.

Access control for a school building:

  • Teachers and other school staff members often require access to the building before school starts. Their cards allow them to unlock the building as early as 5:00 am.
  • The basketball coach hosts a weekend workout on Saturday afternoons. Their access card allows entry to the gym area between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.
  • Card access doors within the building are programmed to unlock automatically at 7:00 am each day, so students are not assigned cards for any access.

Individual ID

As an additional feature, access control solutions can be set up to recognize and log who enters what doors, and when. This feature is called Individual ID. With managed access control through EPS Security, employers may request to access these activity logs and have reports printed periodically. In the event of an emergency, attempted crime, or other mishap, knowing who was last to enter a specific area in the premises can be an essential asset.

The EPS advantage 

At EPS Security, we have decades of experience providing commercial security solutions. From intrusion alarm and fire alarm systems, to video surveillance, and access control, Michigan has concluded: We’re your local experts. Our engineers and security consultants work with Michigan businesses up-close to ensure we meet their unique security needs. The safety of your people, places, and products is our priority. But that’s just the beginning. If you’re ready to explore access control solutions, we’re here to help.

Access control with EPS Security

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