Major EPS Total Connect update - EPS
Major EPS Total Connect update

Major EPS Total Connect update

Total Connect is the EPS Security remote service application used by thousands of EPS customers to control their home and business security solutions through any mobile, tablet or PC device with internet access. EPS Total Connect is a robust and, most importantly, secure application allowing our valued customers to arm/disarm, control automation devices, receive notifications, toggle zones, view cameras and much more. Over the last year, much has been done to improve the user experience and functionality of EPS Total Connect as more people discover its valuable features and benefits.

What’s New?

The biggest update existing EPS Total Connect users will notice is the new look. The new design features a very simple layout and color scheme. New icons and menu structure provide a more visually appealing space for each of the core EPS Total Connect features.

All EPS Security Total Connect customers should be able to access the web interface now at If you are having issues, please contact our Customer Care department about your service or receive information on the update timeline for Android users. While the new interface may require some adjusting for existing EPS Total Connect customers, the update has received very positive reviews from our team of EPS beta testers.

EPS Total Connect Update Timeline

  • Apple iOS and HTML5 web interface online to all customers | August, 2017
  • Android beta testing complete | October 2017
  • Android app live & available to all EPS Total Connect users | October / November 2017

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