Total Connect: Home security at your fingertips

Total Connect: Home security at your fingertips

Home screen of Total Connect remote security app shown on a smartphone. Shows the connected security system is "armed away." In 2022, we expect only the best of our technology—so why stop at security? Like a car’s remote start, or a speaker’s Bluetooth connectivity, remote accessibility has modernized how we interact with our safety systems. With Total Connect from EPS Security, you can hold the security of your home, in the palm of your hand.

What is Total Connect & who can use it?

Total Connect is a remote application, allowing authorized users to connect with their security systems from anywhere, at anytime. This app, compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PCs, allow users to receive real-time security alerts, look-in on connected cameras, and alter security settings with the touch of a button.

And that’s just the start!

Total Connect technology allows you to take your security with you—wherever you go. Whether at work from 9-5, away for the weekend, or heading somewhere warm for the winter, Total Connect allows you to keep in touch with what’s happening at home. This remote connection provides portable peace-of-mind, and easy oversight of your security.

With the touch of a button: Features & functions

From remote arming and disarming, to lighting and temperature adjustments, Total Connect offers near complete control of your system, from afar. We’re here to offer a full overview of its functions and features, but first, let’s tackle the topic of security.

With Total Connect, you’ll receive real-time alerts when:

  • A fire alarm or intrusion alarm sounds
  • A flood sensor detects the presence of water
  • A security device is tampered with, or has a low battery

With a monitored security system, your designated monitoring center will receive, and notify you of the above signals. So, you may be wondering, why is additional notification necessary?

Let’s take a look at a few scenarios:

  • While at work, an intrusion alarm sounds at your home, and you receive a notification on your smartphone. Using Total Connect, you check in through connected cameras and see your teenager arriving home from school. They must have entered the disarming code incorrectly…oops! Now, you know there’s no active emergency, when the Monitoring Center calls.
  • Your ringer is on silent when the EPS Monitoring Center tries to reach you. Maybe, you’re in a meeting, at a sporting event, or the grocery story. At the same time, you get a smartphone notification, via the Total Connect app, that there’s an active fire alarm at your home. Likely, the fire department is already on the way! But next time you check your phone, you’ll know exactly why we called.
  • In the summertime, you enjoy time at a cottage in Northern MI, but close it up in colder months. It’s mid-January, and you receive a notification that water has been detected in the cottage basement. You can go, or send someone else, ASAP to check things out. While our operators will still give you a call, you’ll have a direct report of when and where water was detected, on-hand.

Person in the passenger seat of a vehicle interfaces with the Total Connect security app, on a smartphone. Smart home settings 

Using Total Connect, authorized users can alter security settings with the touch of button. Not only can you arm or disarm your system from afar, but you can adjust the settings of connected, z-wave devices, such as: lights, thermostats, garage door openers, electronic door locks, blinds, and outlet plug-ins.

These capabilities not only advance the security of your home, but also add to your home’s convenience and comfort. If a neighbor needs to stop by while you’re out of town, use the Total Connect app to disarm your security system, and/or unlock a compatible, electronic door lock. Even while at home… we bet you’ve laid in bed—at least once—wondering whether or not you turned off the front light. Now, you can use your smartphone to double check.

ProSeries thermostat from Honeywell Home reads sixty-five degrees, shown in cozy living room area.

Set the scene

With smart home security, you can use the Total Connect app to set routines for your residence. What might this look like?

  • Program all electronic door locks to secure at 8PM, nightly. Never forget to lock-up, again!
  • Create a routine for compatible lighting. With Total Connect, you can schedule in or outdoor lighting to turn on or off at a given time. Arrive at a well-lit home, or ensure all lighting is off before bed.
  • Schedule your thermostat to decrease from 70 to 68 degrees at 8AM on weekdays. While you’re on-the-job, this routine allows you to conserve energy, automatically.

Truly, with home automation, the opportunities are endless. Total Connect offers an abundance of settings, which allow you to further customize your home safety experience. Whether or not you create home schedules, Total Connect allows you to monitor smart home, and other security features, closely.

The EPS advantage

At EPS Security, we’ve protected Michigan homes and families since 1955. As time has passed and technology has advanced, so have we! What started as local operation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has since expanded to a state-wide security company with a small business feel. Our team of security experts is committed to providing you the best safety systems, and service, in the industry. One thing that hasn’t changed in almost 70 years? The protection of your people, places, and things remains our highest priority.

Whether you’re getting started, or have been an EPS customer for more then 10+ years, we’d love to help you, get connected. Contact us today for a free, home security evaluation.

Home security with the EPS advantage

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