Business security systems with EPS Security

Business security systems with EPS Security

One dome and one fish eye camera mounted on exterior of brick building, EPS logo in bottom right corner.Securing your business from threats, both internal and external, is no small task. Likewise, selecting a security partner to protect your people, places, and things, can seem daunting. At EPS Security, we believe our 65+ years of experience engineering, installing, and maintaining business security solutions, makes us the best fit to protect your commercial space.

We’ve put together our qualifications, below. Here’s hoping we can make your selection, simple.

A history of quality

EPS Security, or Engineered Protection Systems, has secured Michigan businesses, from bridge to border, since 1955. What began as a local security operation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, quickly developed into a statewide security systems provider. Now, in 2022, we maintain our presence in Grand Rapids, with additional branch locations in Kalamazoo, Traverse City, and Petoskey, Michigan. And don’t forget the greater Detroit area, with cities like Brighton, Troy, and and Ann Arbor.

Since the start, EPS has prioritized providing the advancing security technology of any national provider, while maintaining a local, personal approach to customer experience. The security of your employees, products, and business buildings is our highest priority.

EPS Security access control card reader on business door, hand pulling door open. Business security systems

At EPS Security, we provide four primary business security systems: Fire alarm systems, intrusion alarm systems, video surveillance solutions, and access control systems. Each of these systems can function independently, or in unison, to provide comprehensive protection of your commercial premises. Let’s break down each of these business security systems, briefly:

Fire alarm systems

Monitored fire alarm systems are required by law in nearly every Michigan business. Meeting and maintaining fire code, can be a difficult task. At EPS Security, however, our engineers and dedicated team of fire alarm technicians, work closely with our clients to ensure their system is fully operational. Typically consisting of smoke and heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, handpull stations, and horn strobes (which alert when fire is detected), these business security systems save lives.

Intrusion alarm systems

Intrusion alarm systems guard your building against break-ins. When activated, the following devices work together to detect and alert:

  • Door sensors, alarm when a protected door is breached
  • Motion sensors, sense movement in a designated area
  • Glassbreak sensors, which alert with the frequency of breaking glass
  • Sirens, responsible for the audible alarm that sounds on-site
  • Panic buttons, trigger immediate police dispatch when pressed

These sensors communicate emergencies to a central keypad on site, which then sends a signal to EPS Security’s designated monitoring center. Monitored alarm systems, when activated, notify our team of award-winning operators, who call to verify your safety, and dispatch first responders as necessary.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is a proactive security solution which works to secure your premises from all angles. EPS Security offers high-definition cameras for both in and outdoor surveillance. Commercial camera solutions capture video in high resolution, day or night, and typically store footage on an on-site network video recorder, or NVR.

A camera solution custom-engineered to fit your business space provides priceless peace of mind.

Access control

Access control solutions allow for individualized access to your building via a card or fob. A managed card access solution with EPS Security, means easy management of who can access which parts of your building, and when. Our team of Managed Access Control Coordinators works with you to determine door locking schedules, unique access levels (i.e. business executives vs. 8-5 only employees), and more.

Additionally, Unlike key-in-lock doors, electronic access points are extremely difficult to breach.

For more information on the individual business security systems, check out Business Security 101 below:

Security services: An ongoing commitment

When you choose EPS as your security provider, your safety partnership does not end at installation—it has only just started. EPS Security is a full-service company, meaning we engineer, install, provide maintenance to our systems, and more.

Let’s take a look at a few additional EPS Services:

  • Annual fire alarm system testing
    • EPS Security has a team of technicians dedicated specifically to commercial fire alarm testing. These individuals are trained in our very own EPS Training Center, and are individually certified to perform fire alarm inspections. Meeting and maintaining fire code is essential in protecting your employees, products, and more—but it is not a task you have to take on alone.
  • Preventative system maintenance
    • At EPS, the continued care of our business security systems is important to us. Like your car or home, a business security system requires the occasional oil change or power wash (in our case, a software update or camera lens cleaning). Preventative maintenance agreements are just another way EPS works to foster a continued safety partnership and to maintain your system’s quality performance.
  • In-house alarm system monitoring
    • EPS Security houses our very own Monitoring Center in our Grand Rapids corporate location. This team of operators was awarded The Monitoring Center of the Year – Small/Medium Business title in 2022. Around the clock—yes, 24/7/365—alarm monitoring means you can reach a dispatcher regarding your system at any hour. But most importantly, if your alarm system sounds, our team is there to offer immediate assistance, and to dispatch any necessary emergency response.

The EPS advantage 

At EPS Security, we truly care about the security, and overall successes of your business. As a local, family-owned company ourselves, we work one-on-one with our customers to meet their individual security needs. Whether you have 10 or 200+ employees, your commercial site is worth protecting. The right business security systems, but even more importantly, the right business security partner, is the key to keeping your premises safe and sound. Submit a quote form or call to get started today!

Commercial security: Our process

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