Commercial security systems: Day vs. night

Commercial security systems: Day vs. night

Digital Watchdog dome camera positioned over a half day, half night sky.

Commercial security systems are fit to secure your business, day and night. Varying features allow business security systems to function effectively both during and after-hours, but with what similarities and distinctions? Let’s compare and contrast.

Commercial security systems around the clock

Intrusion alarm systems

Intrusion alarm systems can arm your building against burglars around the clock, but the logistics of this commercial security system look quite different, day and night. Firstly, intrusion alarm systems consist of a central keypad, working in unison with a combination of reactive devices:

  • Door contacts, alert when a protected entry is breached
  • Motion detectors, which sense motion in a given area
  • Glassbreak sensors, detect the frequency of breaking glass

When a door is breached, motion is detected, or another trigger occurs, an active intrusion system will cause an alarm to sound on site. Additionally, when an alarm is triggered, this system will send a signal to a designated monitoring center, who will call to verify your safety, and send authorities if needed.

This commercial security system has several settings. “Arming” your security system, means activating the protection of your building. While employees are on-site, you will want the intrusion system “disarmed,” allowing them to move freely throughout the building without sounding the alarm. When the workday begins, the first person on premises will disarm the system, often for the day, using an individualized arming and disarming code. Disarming, in essence, means temporarily deactivating the intrusion alarm devices on site.

When business hours are over, however, the last person on site will want to arm, or activate the system once again. This resumes the protection of your building, and provides business owners with peace of mind.

Whether day or night, armed or disarmed, an intrusion alarm system with EPS Security is being monitored. If your system sends a low battery alert or indicates a device has been tampered with, our operators are on stand-by, and will notify you of the event. We strive to keep our customers in complete control of their business security (with a little help, of course), so no matter the hour, we’ll keep you in-the-know.

Fire alarm systems

Commercial fire alarm systems are essential in protecting the people, places, and things associated with your business. Every Michigan business is required, by law, to have a fully functioning and monitored fire alarm system. Commercial fire alarm systems, most commonly, are made up of:

  • One or more central keypads, connected to a control panel
  • Smoke/heat detectors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Hand-pull stations
  • Horns/strobes

These parts and pieces work together to detect and alert, ensuring the safety of all at your business. Like an intrusion alarm system, this commercial security solution features direct communication to the award-winning Monitoring Center at EPS. When smoke, heat, or carbon monoxide is detected, or a hand-pull is triggered, these devices send a signal to the system’s control panel. From there, the panel alerts the 24/7 Monitoring Center, who notifies and dispatches local authorities.

A matter of seconds can change the entire trajectory of a business fire. That’s why commercial fire alarm systems can never rest. 

Both during and after hours, fire alarm systems with EPS Security remain on-guard. Whether smoke is detected at 2 or 10 AM, our operators at the EPS Monitoring Center will be ready to dispatch your local fire department with urgency. Then, we’ll notify you of the business alarm activity.

Access control solutions

Access control systems are made up of electronic door locks, which allow employees to enter your building using individualized key cards. EPS Security’s Managed Access Control Team programs access cards based on each employee’s required authorizations. This commercial security system allows you complete control over who can enter what areas of the building, and when.

Not only are access control systems more secure than traditional door locks, but they also ease day-to-day routines. With access control, no one needs to be no site to allow employee entry, or to lock up after hours. Our Managed Access Control team at EPS works with you 1:1 to create door locking schedules, so your building remains protected 24/7.

This commercial security system functions largely the same, day and night. A few functions, however, do vary. After hours, employees whose key cards are programmed for daytime access (for example, from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM) will be unable to access the building. Only those with specific permissions, for example, facilities coordinators, business owners, or third shifters, can gain access outside of standard hours.

Additionally, doors allowing public access or which remain unlocked during business hours, will be automatically locked based on your predetermined access schedule.

Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance solutions with EPS Security provide businesses with important oversight and building protection. EPS offers both in and outdoor surveillance cameras, positioned by our security experts to secure your organization from all angles. This commercial security system captures high definition video in real-time, storing it on a on-site Network Video Recorder (NVR). When installing video surveillance with EPS, our representatives work with you to decide where an NVR is best stored and accessed.

This commercial security solution serves as a deterrent, steering the mal-intentioned away from your business. Video surveillance systems typically capture twenty-four hour video, so your premise is secured, proactively, night and day. When you invest in video surveillance with EPS Security, the only thing that changes “after hours,” is your cameras’ use of night-vision capabilities. These devices use infrared (IR) light to illuminate images in the dark, whether in or outside of your building.

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EPS Security has provided around-the-clock monitoring and commercial security services for more than 65 years. In 2022, our EPS Monitoring Center, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was named The Monitoring Association’s Monitoring Center of the Year – Small/Medium Business. We work closely with our customers to meet their unique security needs, whether they’re interested in one of the above systems, or all. If you’re ready to begin a safety partnership with Michigan’s family-owned and full-service security expert, contact us today.

Commercial security systems with the EPS advantage

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