Building security for organizations with remote workers

Building security for organizations with remote workers

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  • What does employee oversight using professional security look like?
  • How can organizations with hybrid and remote workers maintain site security while providing employees with flexible access?

In March of 2020, the workplace model we once knew changed drastically. More than two years later, companies continue to offer hybrid and remote workplace opportunities. According to the Pew Research Center, 59% of U.S. workers who can perform their jobs remotely, now work from home full-time (2022). Another 18% report working from home “some of the time,” otherwise referred to as a hybrid work model.

Remote workers, and the companies which employ them, reap the benefits of workplace flexibility, including: time and money saved on commutes, energy preserved in traditional office spaces, access to a wider talent pool, and more. Varying employee schedules, however, create unique security dilemmas for business owners.

But whether your business is staffed full-time and in-person, only hosts employees on particular weekdays, or is merely more than a storage/backup facility, site security is essential.

An overview of business security benefits

First and foremost, business security is vital in protecting your space, and all in it, from fire, intrusion, theft, vandalism, and environmental factors, such as flooding or furnace failure. Any building stands to benefit from professional security custom-engineered to mitigate risk. But in 2022, professional security does far more than fight against external threats.

Access control and video surveillance solutions, specifically, allow business owners and workplace management easy oversight. With these solutions, you can keep an eye on employee activity and your brick and mortar.

EPS Security card access swipe mounted on door entrance. Access control and employee entry

Access control solutions with EPS Security consist of electronic door locks, which are programmed to unlock with the use of individualized key cards. Access control allows business owners to program who can access which parts of their building, and when. This proactive security measure provides peace-of-mind, allowing only authorized users to gain entry. Additionally, this entry method simplifies day-to-day routines, as authorized individuals can move throughout their respective spaces with ease.

Managed Access Control with EPS Security means our team of experienced administrators will add, remove, or make changes to employee authorizations at your request. Managed access control allows you to place site security in the hands of experienced professionals, rather than adding another task to your plate. With Managed Access Control, our team can also:

  • Program doors to lock and unlock based on predetermined schedules
  • Provide monthly reports of who entered which door, and when

Employee hand swiping access card at door to enter workplace. So, how does this security solution assist organizations with hybrid and remote workers? As previously mentioned, access cards are programmed to specific users. This means access for employees only in the workplace on certain days or times, can be programmed as such. On the flip, if allowed by the business, access control allows employees with varying schedules to come and go as needed. With card access, no one needs to be on-site to allow employees inside, or to lock up after-hours.

This security solution is especially helpful when workplace management also takes advantage of remote work. Monthly card swipe reports allow employers to review when their workers attended the office.

Check out our Managed Access Control blog to learn more about the benefits.

Video surveillance and site security 

Video surveillance is another proactive solution providing businesses with easy oversight and building security. EPS Security offers both in and outdoor cameras, positioned to best accomplish your unique security goals—whether that’s overlooking expensive product, monitoring exterior entrances, or overseeing employee areas. 

With camera surveillance, there are two common desires shared by businesses with remote workers: protecting the building from outside factors when it is not fully staffed, and keeping an eye on the employees who do report in-person. When you partner with EPS Security, our experienced representatives and security engineers will aid you in best addressing business risk.

When we say video surveillance is a proactive solution, we mean the following:

  • Knowledge of surveillance systems serves as a deterrent
  • If a crime or other questioned activity occurs, stored video footage is accessible
  • You can catch Nick stealing snacks from Cathy’s desk in real-time

Digital Watchdog outdoor dome camera near office facility. Business surveillance solutions can include a wide variety of camera styles, from bullet and fish-eye cameras, to 360 degree motion-detecting dome cameras. Camera solutions with EPS Security capture video footage in high-resolution, storing it on an on-site Network Video Recorder (NVR). When EPS installs video surveillance, we work with you to determine where an NVR is best stored and accessed.

Video surveillance solutions are not monitored, meaning they’re largely overseen by your businesses administration. The good news, however, is that this security system functions largely in the background. Additionally, you’re not in it on your own! Our team at EPS offers camera preventative maintenance, scheduled updates, and training for your staff members as necessary.

For a more in-depth look through our camera lens, check out our commercial video surveillance page.

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EPS Security has assisted Michigan business owners in securing their spaces for more then 65 years. Since the start, the security needs of our customers have continued to evolve—but we’re keeping up with the times! No matter your workplace model or security interests, Michigan’s security expert is here to help you prevent risk and to keep your building on lock. Contact us today to get started. 

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