Six home security misconceptions, explained

Six home security misconceptions, explained

In protecting Michigan’s people, places, and things, home security is tried and true. Whether preventing burglary or alerting local authorities during a fire, professional home security solutions are life saving systems. But in spite of their impact, many security misconceptions still circle the internet, and industry. These misconceptions prevent homeowners from investing in the safety of their home and family. If nothing else, you deserve to have proper information so you can decide if a security system is for you.

We’ve outlined and dispelled six common security misconceptions below. Let’s dive in.

1. I don’t have anything worth protecting

Many homeowners believe they just haven’t acquired enough “stuff” to invest in a security system. The truth is, however, burglars aren’t always after fine china or family jewels. Firearms and prescription medications are some of the highest targeted goods. What else? It’s 2022, which means most of us own electronics of some sort—from televisions and cell phones, to laptops and tablets. A home intrusion is a costly event, and, whether or not you believe so, the items in your home have value.

Additionally, the most important thing to protect, is your life. Safeguarding yourself and your family from not only intrusion, but also from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, is a worthwhile investment. A monitored home security solution allows you to place the safety of your people, places, and things in the hands of a trusted provider.

2. I live in a nice neighborhood

These “nice neighborhoods” make the perfect target for experienced burglars. For a thief, it’s a simple calculation of risk/reward. Prospective burglars are asking themselves: What house is likely to have goods of the most value? Homes and neighborhoods widely considered “nice,” may even be more at risk than the traditional home. If your home falls in this category, professional security for you and your neighbors can serve as an effective deterrent.

3. Home security systems are too expensive

It’s no longer the 1960’s. Home security technology continues to advance, and to become more and more accessible to the average homeowner. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their home, which is why EPS offers scalable security solutions which can protect just one door, or every entry point in your home. Professional security solutions can be purchased for an up-front cost of just a couple hundred dollars, meanwhile monthly, 24/7 monitoring of your system costs less than one night on the town.

Home fire, intrusion, flooding, or co poisoning are costly occurrences—and not just financially. Protecting your home, is priceless.

4. My dog protects the home 

Dogs can certainly act as a deterrent to home intruders, but even the meanest bark won’t do much to stop a burglar whose mind is made up. A large number of burglaries are committed during the day, meaning in the event of a break-in, a barking dog is likely to be ignored by neighbors or others nearby. Additionally, many pups can be easily swayed with treats, and have been socialized not to jump on strangers. A professional security system, on the other hand, can’t be bribed.

Even if Fido scares off thieves, your family pet is not trained to fight fires or detect carbon monoxide. As a valued member of your family, your pet deserves protection too.

5. My pet might interfere with a security system 

If you own Marmaduke or a small elephant, a security system might not be for you. For the rest of us, however, pet-friendly security sensors can be adjusted to ignore the movement of small to mid-size animals. This is just one benefit of professional security installation—custom-engineered protection to fit your (and your pet’s!) needs.

6. I can install a security system myself, DIY style 

When it comes to “do it yourself” (DIY) security solutions, our advice is D-I-Don’t. Installing a security system that best protects your home, and all inside, requires experience the average homeowner does not have. Simple considerations, such as where a motion detector or camera is placed, can change the safety of your home. Performing a home security installation yourself without this understanding can lead to excessive false alarms, poor security coverage, and ultimately, a security system that fails when you need it most.

Additionally, even the “latest and greatest” do-it-yourself devices are not engineered to the same standards as those provided by professional security vendors. When you hear about security systems being hacked, it is almost always a DIY device.

No matter how handy you may be, this task is best left to the professionals. After all, how secure can technology that arrives at your home in a box really be?

Not a myth: The EPS advantage 

At EPS Security, our goal of protecting Michigan homes and families has been the same since the start. For more than 65 years, we have designed, installed, serviced, updated, and tested home security systems all across the Great Lakes State. If you’re looking to get started with home security, we’re here to help you overcome the obstacles or uncertainties that stand in your way. Learn more on our website or contact EPS Security today.

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