Five objectives of business security cameras

Five objectives of business security cameras

Video surveillance is the talk of the town. Well, the talk of the security industry, really. So, how can a security camera system contribute to the safety of your business, or other organization? EPS Security shares five objectives of commercial camera systems, here.

1. Monitor your building’s perimeter

Perhaps the most common use for video security technology is the surveillance of a building’s perimeter. Commercial camera systems offer proactive perimeter protection for buildings of any size. With weather-proof casing, infrared night-vision, and more, varying camera styles work together to guard your property from all angles, at all hours.

When installing a commercial video surveillance solution with EPS Security, our team of experienced engineers will begin with your building’s blueprints, identifying your site’s blind-spots or areas of additional risk. Then, EPS engineers will build a customized security solution to fit your building’s individual needs.

Our security camera technology is the best-in-business, for your business.

retail camera2. Protect your products

Second to outdoor surveillance is the use of commercial camera systems to survey indoor areas. Indoor video surveillance is an important element in any business’ loss prevention plan. Whether you’re guarding a warehouse of expensive products, or deterring customers from swiping what’s on the shelves, security camera technology provides valuable oversight.

With 24/7, HD video surveillance, you can rest assured knowing your products are never left unprotected. 

3. Maintain oversight of employees

Many business owners are shocked to learn employee theft affects 95% of all organizations. Whether this is time theft or the theft of physical products, indoor security cameras allow administrators to maintain oversight of what’s going on behind-the-scenes. 

Not only does indoor video surveillance serve as a deterrent for opportunists, but it provides you with a clear view of how your business functions when you’re not around. What is the typical wait-time at your restaurant on a Thursday evening? With what frequency are employees using the office lunchroom? A bird’s eye view of your operation can often allow valuable perspective for improvement.

4. Surveil & record high-traffic areas

High traffic areas, such as parking lots, front entryways, and stairwells, can be major liability risks for businesses. The good news? Commercial video security systems are fit to oversee these spaces. Whether mounted on light poles in a lot or garage, or monitoring elevators or main hallways, EPS Security cameras record high-quality video footage, then store it on an on-site, network video recorder (NVR).

Following an event such as a fall, vehicle collision, or property damage, administrators can easily access up to three months of stored video footage. 

5. Provide peace of mind

More often than not, your employees and customers are well-intentioned individuals. While video surveillance, indoor or outdoor, is effective in deterring criminal activity or catching the mal-intentioned in-the-act, arguably, its most important function is providing peace of mind. With on-site video, everyone at your business can rest assured knowing the security of your facility is top-of-mind.

On the job, employees deserve to feel and be safe. Video surveillance contributes to this important cause. 

Likewise, as a business owner, a commercial security camera system allows you to fully disconnect, when you have the opportunity to step away. Knowing the activity on your site is being recorded, means you can pivot your attention to other endeavors. 

The EPS advantage 

At EPS Security, we’ve protected Michigan’s favorite breweries, performance halls, local school districts, manufacturers, and more, since 1955. From video surveillance, to intrusion alarm, fire alarm, and access control systems, we strive to serve as Michigan’s security expert.

When you partner with EPS Security for video surveillance—or any safety system—our security partnership is ongoing. Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals will work to ensure your security functions as well on day 1,000 as it did on day one.

Learn more about video surveillance, or comprehensive commercial security, today.

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