The unsung benefits of keycard access control systems

The unsung benefits of keycard access control systems

Card access control systems have grown in popularity in recent years as businesses have sought to better control who can enter their building, when they can gain access, and where they can go once they’re inside. The systems have become so popular that it might be hard to find someone unfamiliar with the basics: you hold a programmed card to a card reader, which unlocks the door in question provided the cardholder has been granted privileges to use the entry point in question.

How card access systems work

The prospect of installing a card access control system in your facilities can feel a little more complicated. While card access systems are easy to use, figuring out what to install, where to install it, and how to maintain it can overwhelm already busy business owners, operators, and property managers. These concerns are often compounded by the false notion that a card access system is too costly for the average business, when in truth, card access solutions are more affordable and customizable than you might think—especially with a little help from a professional security provider like EPS Security.

As West Michigan’s foremost business security provider, we’ve installed countless card access systems over our 66 year history. As such, we’d like to share some of the less commonly known benefits of card access systems to help you and your business better protect your people, places, and things.

You can integrate your card access system with an intrusion and fire alarm system.

People often mistakenly view a card access system as “extra” security—a luxury they prioritize behind their burglary and fire alarm systems. After installing a comprehensive alarm system, some business owners are unwilling to put down more money for an entirely separate system to control their doors. While card access systems can be installed entirely separately from the panel that controls intrusion and life safety features, it’s also possible to install an integrated card access system for truly comprehensive security.

Many card access systems require their own intelligent control panel to run the associated card readers and devices. However, integrated alarm panels by leading manufacturers like Digital Monitoring Products® (DMP) are capable of operating intrusion alarm, fire alarm, and card access systems all from the same panel. An integrated panel by DMP® saves on cost by consolidating what would normally take multiple control panels into a single unit. In the event you want to eventually add a card access system to your security solution, these integrated panels also make adding card access devices easy to add on at a later date.

person scanning in at a card access readerYou can offload the work of administration onto the EPS experts.

Unlike intrusion and fire alarm systems, card access systems require more “hands on” work. Keys must be issued and entered into a database, schedules must be programmed, and reports may need to be pulled regarding employee usage. For smaller businesses, this work may not eat up a lot of time. For large corporations, factories, industrial complexes, and the like, administrating and maintaining a complex card access system can be a job unto itself.

Not all security companies offer professional administration of their access control systems, but luckily, EPS Security has an entire team dedicated to this very task. Instead of sinking hours a day into plugging in keys and granting access levels, the EPS Managed Card Access team can help you with:

  • Quickly Add/Remove key-cards & people from the system
  • Code and permission management including access levels
  • Multi-site management
  • Emergency schedule/code changes

In addition to these tasks, you’ll be able to speak directly with one of our experienced Access Administrators whenever questions arise about your card access system. With EPS Managed Card Access, you can rest assured knowing the administration of your access system—and the security of your facility and employees—are in trained, professional hands.

It’s more than just “card” access.

While “card access” is often used to describe a door access security system, at EPS Security, we often refer to it as “access control.” It may seem like a small difference, but a true access control system extends beyond swiping cards. While keycards are a popular method for gaining entry, an access control system can also support the use of key fobs for those who prefer something less bulky. Microwave technology can even be used to identify access tags on a vehicle from a long range, a handy feature for controlling access to parking lots and docking gates.

Further advancements in access control technologies only figure to broaden the capabilities of access control systems. Already, biometric devices can be used to provide enhanced security to highly sensitive areas of a business in the form of handprint readers and optical scanners. On a simpler level, readers have been developed which connect to a designated smartphone using Bluetooth technology. These “keyless” entry systems are becoming more common and are likely to grow in popularity as the technology becomes more affordable to the average business owner.

The EPS Advantage

Controlling who enters your building—and where they go from there—is a critical component of a total business security solution. Odds are, your business is going to need an entirely different type of system to address your unique needs than the business down the street from you. At EPS Security, we understand the need to build a custom security system from the ground up, which is why our security consultants, engineers, and technicians will work directly with you to craft a solution that fits your protection needs. Whether you’re interested in beefing up your current security solution or in need of a brand new one, let EPS Security take the lead and help you find the security system meant exactly for you, your business, and the ones you’re charged with protecting.

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