7 simple tips to deter commercial burglary

7 simple tips to deter commercial burglary


Taking the target off your back

It is estimated that a burglary occurs every 13 seconds. Though the statistic is unsettling, there’s hope: numerous studies also show there are tried-and-true practices you can implement to deter burglars and protect your business. At the end of the day, these practices can help complement a layered approach to security anchored by a comprehensive security system.

Check your locks at the end of the business day. It may seem like common sense to lock up your doors and windows at the end of the day, but experts estimate somewhere between 20 and 34% of burglars enter through an unsecured door or window.

Change online passwords, entry codes, and safe combos when someone leaves the company. Collecting keys from departing employees can be tricky, but it’s essential in securing your business. Every time there’s turnover, all relevant codes and passwords—from the burglary system to emails—should be changed to guarantee sensitive items and data are kept safe. If a key cannot be recovered, it may be necessary to change the physical locks. (Or you could make it much easier by having a card access system—but more on that later.)

Use deadbolts on your perimeter doors. Some 50% of forced entries occur through a door (34% through the front door), so it pays to add a little extra oomph to your dock locks.

Crank the lights up.  Burglars love the cover of darkness—so eliminate it. Do routine checks of your exterior lighting, and make sure light is brightening every potential point of entrance, including windows.

Install an access control system in your business/parking lot. Wouldn’t it be nice to have total control over who exactly gets to enter your building—to the point where you can even set up schedules for when certain employees can enter?  Card access control adds a layer of both security and flexibility to your business. It also prevents anyone from “casing” your building from the inside by keeping them out during normal business hours. EPS Security has a variety of access control services available, from standard systems to remote access control to its work-less-get-more Managed Access Control model.

Reduce the amount of hard cash you have after hours. Make a deposit at the end of the business day or when on-hand cash reaches a certain level—and post signage to let potential criminals know that you intentionally carry limited cash after hours.  Put whatever money you plan to keep onsite (and any other valuables) in a safe as an extra layer of security.

Install an alarm system. It’s a number that’s oft-quoted in the alarm industry, but it’s because it’s so shocking:  83% of burglars admit to looking to see if a target has an alarm system, and 60% of them would change their mind if they even saw one installed.

Don’t skimp on safety—lock it down with EPS Security

Simply having an alarm is an excellent deterrent—but it’s even better to have an exceptional one to protect your property. EPS Security installs comprehensive burglary systems, with devices ranging from door contacts to photobeam sensors—all set up to report alarms to our Five Diamond 24/7/365 Monitoring Center stationed in Grand Rapids, MI. We also design and install top-of-the-line camera and card access systems to provide your business with total coverage. Your business is not going to look very appealing to even seasoned burglars if it’s locked down with the latest in security and protection technology. And because an alarm system is only worthwhile if it works, we also provide options for regular system testing and maintenance.

While you can follow these tips to deter potential burglars, it’s always worth having a security system as your last—and best—line of defense against crime. If you’re going to invest in a comprehensive security solution, you’re going to want it designed and installed by trained engineers and technicians who have worked in your community for over sixty years. You’re going to want to work with a staff with a personal touch and who can provide you with the customized system that suits your needs. You’re going to want a system by EPS Security.

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