NOTIFIER fire alarm systems and the EPS Advantage

NOTIFIER fire alarm systems and the EPS Advantage


As a firm believer in providing customized solutions for our customers, EPS Security offers a number of products and services for our commercial customers regarding fire alarm systems. That being said, we’re proud to carry NOTIFIER systems as an option for those looking for a high-quality fire and voice evacuation offering for their business needs. With NOTIFIER widely regarded as industry leaders in the manufacture of life safety devices, selling and servicing their high-quality devices and systems allows EPS Security to provide our customers with cutting-edge technology–while our standard for unparalleled service gives us a distinct advantage over our competition.


NOTIFIER is the world’s largest manufacturer of fire alarm and voice evacuation systems.  Originally NOTIFIER Manufacturing, the company was founded in 1949 in Nebraska. They remained there until 1988, when they built a state-of-the-art 252,000 square foot building in Northford, Connecticut. The company was absorbed by various corporations throughout the years before Honeywell International purchased them in 1999, where they are now a branch of Honeywell’s Fire Systems Group. 

For decades, NOTIFIER has been the leader in developing and manufacturing life safety devices and systems. Even though its ONYX Series is celebrated as one of the most advanced systems commercially available, NOTIFIER is never one to rest on its laurels. The company is always pushing the limits of its products, whether it’s the VESDA early fire detection technology or its photoelectric and carbon monoxide detectors. It sets the standards for its products above and beyond the industry standard and is often the first adopter of new industry regulations.

NOTIFIER systems are known not only for their exceptional quality—they’re also highly adaptable to increasingly complex environments. NOTIFIER is favored by everything from hospitals to prisons to universities across the globe due to their ability to tie a vast number of devices to a single system. Their reputation as the industry leader in fire and voice evacuation solutions is such that their systems were selected to protect the facilities at both the ’04 and ’08 Summer Olympics. A NOTIFIER system can be engineered to cover small retail businesses to enormous manufacturing plants—and their devices are optimized to perform spectacularly in both. Another bonus:  in 2009, NOTIFIER extended their limited warranty to 36 months for their fire systems, giving consumers even more peace of mind that their employees and property were well-protected.

ONYX Series of Fire Alarm Control Panels and Devices


EPS Security holds its technicians to exceptionally high standards, which is why we put them through months of rigorous training and require them to obtain various licenses and certifications.  Working on NOTIFIER equipment requires additional intensive training, which is why only a handful of companies are capable of working on them.

Here at EPS Security, we’ve done the legwork to become West Michigan’s premier NOTIFIER provider and servicer.  With our dedication to providing only the highest quality products to our customers, it only makes sense that we would offer NOTIFIER as a prospective commercial life safety solution. We’re intensely dedicated to differentiating ourselves from our competitors by providing our customers with sterling support, spectacular service, and the cumulative knowledge of a company with nearly 65 years of industry experience.

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