7 Reasons to choose EPS for business security

7 Reasons to choose EPS for business security

  • What makes EPS Security most qualified to protect your business? 
  • What are the benefits of a business security partnership with EPS Security? 

Selecting a security provider is no small task. First, you’re flooded by brand names big and small: national providers, other local businesses, and DIY solutions (or as we like to call it.. D-I-WHY??). Then, you’re turning over which type of system best suits your facility. Maybe, you’re considering local fire code, or reviewing existing security equipment. If you’re a business owner, you’re likely wondering “What’s the best bang for my buck?” and “Who will best protect my investments?”

If you’re in management, you may be asking “How can I sell this to my boss?”

At EPS Security, we’re here to make the decision simple. Below, we’ve compiled our top qualifications. Here are seven reasons we’re best fit to secure your commercial space.

1. We have nearly 70 years of experience securing Michigan businesses

A Michigan security company since 1955, EPS Security has decades of experience protecting businesses large and small. We have more than 30,000 satisfied customers across the Great Lakes state, many of whom are fellow Michigan businesses. From mom-and-pop shops to multi-location manufacturers, and all in-between, our security solutions are fit to protect your profits.

2. We offer custom-engineered security

Security solutions are not one-size-fits-all. When protecting the people, places, and things associated with your business, it’s essential that your safety solution meets your organization’s specific needs. When you request a quote with EPS Security, our consultants will provide a free site evaluation. Our team will work with you directly to identify areas of potential risk, and the solutions best prepared to secure them. Then, our EPS engineers will work with your building blueprints to develop a custom solution. Check out our process!

3. With EPS, it’s an ongoing safety partnership

At EPS Security, relationships matter. As a local, family-owned, and full-service security provider, we believe security is an ongoing partnership. That’s why we personally engineer, install, monitor, and service our customers’ security solutions. Our ongoing service plans ensure your system functions as well on day 1,000 as it did on day one.

When you’re at work, your expertise is likely required elsewhere. A trusted security advisor can take the protection of your building, employees, products, and more, off your plate.

4. We have strong relationships with local authorities

Having been around since 1955, we’ve developed strong connections in our local communities—including, connections with the authorities responding when your alarm system sounds. Strong connections with local police and fire departments, matter.

So, how do these relationships benefit our customers?

  • Relationships with local authorities provide essential safety insight. Communication with local departments keeps our teams up-to-date on security trends, and knowledgeable of new safety risks in our communities.
  • Monitored fire alarm systems are required in each Michigan business. Your local AJHs (authorities having jurisdiction) dictate and enforce commercial fire alarm codes. Knowing what they look for, our team of engineers, installers, technicians, and more will help you meet and maintain fire code, year-round.
  • When an alarm event occurs at your business, EPS Security’s local Monitoring Center Operators communicate with other local departments to dispatch the required responders. Our EPS Operators know the type of information local dispatchers look for to provide rapid and accurate response.

5. Our technicians are highly trained and certified

At EPS Security, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards. Before installing or servicing your business security systems, our EPS Technicians undergo hours of hands-on training, and obtain high-level security certifications. Above, you’ll see a photo of our very own, EPS Training Center, located in our Grand Rapids headquarters. Here, the education of our employees is always ongoing.

Michigan’s EPS Fire Alarm Technicians are required to obtain Fire Alarm Service Technician (or FAST) licensing before servicing these alarm systems. NICET (or the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) Level 2 is a prerequisite for all FAST certifications. We’re proud to share that EPS currently has employees with NICET Level 4 certifications.

Often, this level of knowledge takes more than a decade to obtain!

All this to say, when having an EPS Security system installed or serviced.. it’s expertise you can trust.

6. EPS installs only the best security technology

We’re proud to partner with the nation’s best technology providers. With brands like Digital Watchdog®, Digital Monitoring Products® (DMP), NOTIFIER®, and DSX®, you can rest assured knowing only top-of-the-line security will be installed at your business. Years of industry experience has led us to these technology partnerships, allowing us to best protect Michigan locations.

7. We offer award-winning alarm monitoring… no—really!

In 2022, EPS Security’s Monitoring Center, located at our Grand Rapids headquarters, was named The Monitoring Association’s (TMA) “Monitoring Center of the Year – Small/Medium Business.” This prestigious award, based on quality metrics, community involvement, false alarm reduction, and more, recognizes a monitoring center that operates at the highest professional manner.

Our team of award-winning Operators are highly trained and certified. At EPS Security, this team works around-the-clock to provide rapid response when your alarm sounds. Who better to trust with the security of your business than other members of your local community?

The EPS advantage

Since the beginning, our goal has remained the same: securing Michigan’s people, places, and things. As a fellow Michigan business, we know just how much business owners, and their employees, put into the success of their organizations. Not to mention—how much they contribute to our communities.

Whether you’re just getting to know us, or you’re ready for your next security steps, we’re glad you stopped to learn about the EPS advantage.

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