Future-proofing with professional business security

Future-proofing with professional business security

  • How does professional security impact your business success?
  • What does it mean for business security to be “future-proof?”

At EPS Security, we believe in the success of your business. It’s our hope that all local businesses find opportunities to grow and expand—whether that’s expanding your impact, diversifying your products, or adding additional locations. Our custom-engineered security solutions are designed with the future of your organization in mind.

We protect the people, places, and things affiliated with your business, so you can focus on looking forward.

Securing your existing investments

As your business evolves, the security of your existing assets plays an essential role. We know just how much business owners and operators put into the success of their organizations. When considering expansion, protecting your progress is step one.

Safeguarding your employees

While at work, every individual deserves to feel and be safe. Creating a safe environment for your employees allows them to excel. Security solutions, such as intrusion alarm systems, fire alarm systems, access control, and video surveillance, offer priceless peace of mind.

So, how do security systems contribute to the safety of your work environments? Let’s break down a few examples:

Intrusion alarm systems, which guard entry points and other high-traffic areas, protect your premises after-hours. When a door is breached, a window is broken, or motion is detected, this security solution prompts an alarm. Additionally, this system sends a signal to our Michigan based, owned-and-operated EPS Monitoring Center, prompting emergency dispatch as required.

With a monitored intrusion alarm system, your employees will arrive to work knowing all is intact.

Fire alarm systems are not called “life safety” systems without reason. These solutions offer rapid detection in the event of a fire or the presence of carbon monoxide. Another monitored solution, business fire alarm systems truly are life-saving.

A fire alarm system is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year, so your employees can rest assured.

Access control systems allow you to decide who can enter which areas of your building, and when. This keyless entry system allows ease of access for your employees, while keeping unauthorized individuals, out. What else? They’re more secure than key-in-lock doors.

When your employees feel and are safe, they can focus their attention—uninterrupted—on contributing to company growth.

Securing your property & products

If your business has a brick and mortar, it’s likely that location is the pinnacle of your business operations. Maybe, this building houses your employees, your technology, your products, or all of the above! Maybe, it’s a space to interact with your clients and customers, or to generate new ideas. The point is, whether a warehouse, a corporate office, or a local retailer, your physical space is an important contributor.

Already, we’ve broken down some of the functions and benefits of security systems in protecting your human assets, but what about your building?

Monitored solutions, such as intrusion and fire alarm systems offer reactive protection for your physical assets, too. When the last employee leaves your location, an intrusion alarm system offers perimeter protection to put you at ease. Likewise, monitored fire alarm systems prompt rapid response that will save lives and property in the event of an emergency.

Access control solutions not only protect your property from outsiders, but they also guard your premises against mal-intentioned persons on the inside. With varying levels of authorization, you can program exactly who has access to which areas, and when. This allows for easy oversight of employee movements, say, in a large facility, and keeps limiting access quick and simple.

Speaking of employee oversight, video surveillance solutions do just that, and so much more. Video surveillance systems are becoming more and more common in modern businesses. Our customized camera systems function both in and outdoors, so you can monitor cash registers, parking lots, office spaces, and other areas.

Preparing for future success

Worrying about the security of your business takes time and energy away from business development. Trusting a professional provider with the protection of your organization allows you to take back this valuable time.

You’re good at what you do—we’re sure of it. At EPS Security, we are too. Selecting EPS as your business security partner allows us both to do what we do best, so you can focus wholly on the success of your business.

Scalable security solutions

We build our customers’ business security solutions with their future goals specifically in mind. Our systems are fit to secure two doors, or two-hundred, to surveil small storage closets or large stockrooms, to allow five levels of employees access, or fifty. In 2023, your security solution should suit your current needs, while leaving room for your business expansion—whenever the time comes.

When designing your business security system, here are a few questions we may consider:

  • Are you planning to grow your employee headcount?
  • Do your employees work in-office, hybrid, or fully remote?
  • What sorts of products or other investments do you store on site?
  • What might growth look like in one to two years at your facility?
  • Are you considering moving, or adding additional locations in the upcoming years?

The EPS advantage

At EPS Security, we’ve protected Michigan businesses for more than 65 years. As a local and family-owned company ourselves, we champion the success of other Michigan businesses. From the beginning, protecting your people, places, and things has remained our priority, whether you’re a small mom-and-pop shop, or a multi-location manufacturer.

Ready to get started with or to enhance your business security? Our team of expert representatives is on stand-by.

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