Securing a smart home: Total Connect wireless WiFi cameras

Securing a smart home: Total Connect wireless WiFi cameras

samsung phone displaying total connect video in front of a blue house

samsung phone displaying total connect video in front of a blue houseReady or not, the age of the “smart home” is upon us. With internet compatibility coming standard on a variety of appliances ranging from televisions to refrigerators, the expectations for how our formerly mundane everyday electronics perform, connect, and enhance our lives have increased dramatically.

If you can set your coffee maker to start brewing in conjunction with your alarm clock, you should be able to expect even more from a modern security system. EPS Security has been at the forefront of smart home security solutions, and we have a wealth of experience in engineering, installing, and maintaining automated smart security devices. Given the overabundance of information available on smart home security, we’ve collected data on our smart camera selections and gathered them in a single article to help you determine which solution provides you with the best coverage for your home and the most convenience for your lifestyle.

Total camera control with Total Connect

With an EPS Home Security System, the Total Connect app acts as the command center for your smart home. From your smartphone, PC or connected device, you can arm and disarm your security system, control compatible home automation devices such as lights, door locks, and thermostats, and view footage streaming in from your Total Connect cameras–all of which is organized in a simple and easy-to-navigate events log. With the Total Connect app, you can know what is happening and when it’s happening, all from the palm of your hand.

While Total Connect can be used to view live footage 24/7, compatible cameras can also be set to record 30-second clips of video footage using motion detection technology. Instead of sifting through hours or even days worth of video footage, the motion detection technology helps to pinpoint when someone, or something, moved through a certain area. Another benefit? Total Connect will notify you when a camera is triggered so you’ll be alerted to such an event ASAP. Camera notifications come with a variety of customization and can be turned off with a privacy setting so your system is only recording video when you want it. Video clips are stored in the cloud for a duration chosen with your subscription. Lastly, all recorded video clips can be downloaded and saved to your device at the click of a button.

NOTE: The limitation of Total Connect cameras is their reliance on a strong WiFi connection and the necessity of being near an electrical outlet for power. The cord for each Total Connect camera is about 15 feet in length and can be run through a wall if required. Most homes with WiFi should have no problem connecting and signal strength is displayed for each camera within the Total Connect app. Total Connect supports up to six of these cameras per account, but given the fact these cameras use the same internet connection as the rest of your house, we recommend using 1-4 cameras and sparing yourself internet bandwidth issues in the future.

Total Connect App on Mobile Phone

Camera options to suit your needs

EPS Security provides three different camera options for our Total Connect platform. All three cameras come standard with certain features:

Cloud storage and SD card backup

Camera footage from a Total Connect camera is stored on the cloud. Depending on your preference, the footage can be stored for either seven days or up to thirty. In the event of an internet outage, all three camera models come with an SD chip to allow for temporary local video storage. The cameras come standard with 8 GB of SD storage, but this can be upgraded to up to 64 GB of local storage.

Night vision

All three cameras include low-light optimization. Especially in Michigan, where daylight hours dwindle in the winter and cloud coverage is in excess, it’s vital for your cameras to run efficiently in darkness, not just when there’s sufficient lighting.

Digital zoom

We expect that you’ll use your cameras for a variety of functions, so we want to give them greater functionality. For the occasions when you need to focus on a specific object of interest—or, in the case of a break-in, for a better picture of the perpetrator’s face—all three models come equipped with digital zoom options.

Flexible mounting options

There’s no point in having cameras that don’t show what you need to see. All three Total Connect camera models can be mounted to maximize coverage of your home and provide you with the visibility you need.

Electronic eyes without the eyesore

In addition to the standard features, the three camera models vary slightly in design and function to fit the unique demands and designs of your home.

tc wic1

WIC1 “Tabletop” Camera

This is the entry-level interior camera for the Total Connect platform. At 720 pixels and 30 frames per second, it provides clear video footage of a room and smooth playback. Additionally, it comes with two separately adjustable motion detection area. For example, if you’d like to ignore the dog on the couch but keep an eye on the stairs, you can adjust your motion sensitivity accordingly. The camera includes a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way audio support.  If you’re at the office and spy your kids watching too much TV after school, you can use the camera to tell them to go do their homework. The WIC1 is the perfect “tabletop” or shelf camera that also looks great mounted to the wall.

tc wic 2

WIC2 “All-Purpose” Camera

This is an enhanced version of the WIC1. It captures footage at a stunning 1080 pixels and 30 frames per second for incredibly crisp playback and includes a microphone and speaker for two-way audio. On top of that, instead of two motion detection areas, it comes with four for extra sensitivity customization options. The WIC2 is a great camera when you need to view a large space and require high definition detail. It’s form allows it to be mounted nearly anywhere and it’s wide focus provides impressive field of view.

tc woc1

WOC1 “Outdoor” Camera

The final camera model is weather-resistant for exterior use. It is essentially the “outdoor” version of the WIC2 and comes with the same excellent 1080 pixels, 30 frames per second, and four motion detection areas. Given the wider range of coverage expected of outdoor cameras, this camera also includes infrared capabilities with a 65-foot range, providing the multi-layered coverage of your property rain or shine, day or night.

Any combination of these three cameras can be used to provide customized coverage of your home.

Don’t skimp with DIY “solutions”

Some homeowners think they’ll get the same benefits of an EPS Total Connect system from the do-it-yourself (DIY) cameras from electronics stores. Instead of having a system professionally installed, they put up the cameras themselves and wind up getting what they paid for. To start, homeowners putting up DIY systems usually lack the knowledge that a professional installer would have when it comes to optimal camera placement. DIY cameras are often lower in quality than those that make up professional systems, and they lack the technical support expertise that comes with purchasing an EPS Security Total Connect system. In the off-chance you ever have technical difficulties with your EPS System, you can call and speak directly to one of our experiences Technical Support specialists who are specially trained in Total Connect requests. If your DIY system has an issue, you’re probably just going to have to send the camera back to the manufacturer, leaving your home unsecured for an untold amount of time.

Additionally, DIY systems are often incompatible with the connected features of other smart home devices. If you were hoping to control your DIY camera features from a single hub like the EPS Total Connect app, you’re out of luck. When it’s all said and done, there are products and services you can afford to cut corners with to save on cost, but your home security system isn’t one of them–especially if you’re looking for the security and convenience benefits of a smart home solution.

Protect your home—and enhance your lifestyle

As a security company, our primary concern at EPS is providing you with incomparable home security. One of the main reasons people purchase a home security system is so they can experience peace of mind knowing their home is protected. Whether they’re at work or at the beach with the family or simply sleeping on any given night, people with an EPS security system rest assured knowing their home is under our watch.

It’s that same peace of mind that we look to improve for our customers when we install Total Connect cameras in their homes. We look to take comfort of our security solutions and transform it into convenience. Don’t stress about whether the kids made it home from school while you’re at work—just pull up the Total Connect app and check for yourself. Trying to figure out which dog chewed up your throw pillow? Check the motion-captured footage. Worried someone might be swimming in your pool while you’re away? Total Connect will send you a notification and captured video. In today’s age of internet-connected devices, you should be able to use your security system to make sure you closed the garage door or turned off a light—and in a Total Connect house, you can close them up and turn them off wherever you are from your smartphone.

The EPS Advantage

Whether you’re looking at updating your current home security system or you’re looking to secure your home for the first time, look no further than EPS Security for your complete smart home solution. Don’t settle for anything less than comprehensive security coverage and next-generation convenience. Trust EPS Security’s sixty-plus years of security experience and discover the advantage of an EPS-protected home.

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