Reactivating a security system

Reactivating a security system

If you’ve recently moved into a new house or building for your business, you may have discovered an old security system the previous owners had installed. Maybe you even had a security system installed ages ago and it’s nothing more than an ugly wall ornament. Regardless of the situation, you have a system sitting around collecting dust and you may be wondering how to get it up and working again. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you have an old outdated system, a system from another provider, or you just moved into a new house with a system you’re looking to activate, we can get you started in three easy steps:

Step One:

Fill out our reactivation form here. There are just a couple questions to get started and we’ve got it covered from there!

Step Two:

One of our representatives here at EPS Security will get in contact with you to schedule an appointment to come inspect your system. Our expert consultants can recommend the best home security solutions for you, and come up with a custom security plan for your home. If the system is newer, this can sometimes be done quickly over the phone!

Step Three:

Once we have taken a look at your system and discussed the best solutions for you, we may perform a panel and keypad upgrade, and a system reactivation at no cost to you. We can show you all the benefits of having an EPS Security system set up in your home!

Why Should I Reactivate or Upgrade My System?

  • Security systems don’t just protect from break-ins and burglars— they can protect against fires and carbon monoxide poising as well. A 24/7 fire monitoring system will immediately dispatch your local fire department when it detects fire or smoke, whether you are home or away.
  • New technology in home security may not only provide you better protection. New systems have been updated to be more user-friendly with touchscreen technology and a significantly improved user experience.

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