The life-saving benefits of one-go, all-go home fire alarm technology

The life-saving benefits of one-go, all-go home fire alarm technology

The fact that properly functioning smoke detectors save lives isn’t a new concept. Nearly 4,000 people die annually from home fires, with almost 60% of those deaths tied directly to issues with (or a complete lack of) smoke detectors. Smoke detection is so vital to the protection of human life that they are required by law in residential properties. While the methods by which these devices detect the presence of smoke particles in the air have varied and improved over the years, the function of smoke detectors has remained largely unchanged over time—a unit detects smoke and emits a loud, high-pitched beeping noise.

Unchanged, that is, until now. The new combination smoke/CO detector utilizes a new technology coined “one-go, all-go” and is positioned to vastly improve the efficacy of smoke detectors. By doing so, the ProSeries combination detector stands to dramatically improve the already life-saving benefits of smoke detection in the modern home.

Improving the odds with One-Go-All-Go and ProSeries

Standard smoke detectors save lives—period—but there are limitations to their efficiency. Imagine a two-story house. If a smoke detector goes off in your basement, will you be able to hear it from your bedroom on the second floor? A smoke detector has a single purpose—being loud enough for occupants to hear so they have time to evacuate a home—but even with detectors that are in a more proximal audible range, children are notoriously well-known for sleeping through even piercing smoke alarms. A recent study found that as many as 80% of children did not wake up to the sound of a standard smoke detector. This statistic is especially alarming when considering how quickly the modern home burns., T materials used in modern home construction are quite flammable, meaning a family often has only 2-3 minutes to escape a home from the onset of the fire.

One-go, all-go (or “OGAG”) technology aims to dramatically improve the ability for homeowners, sleeping or awake, to hear their detectors at the first sign of danger. One-go, all-go works exactly as it sounds—if a smoke detector in your basement detects smoke, every detector in your home alarms in unison. Considering fire code dictates that a detector must be installed on every floor of your home, this dramatically increases the odds of every member of a household being within range of the alarm. Additionally, National Fire Protection Association guidelines dictate that every room used for sleeping must have a working smoke alarm installed, which further increases the odds that even heavy sleepers are alerted during an emergency.

Detection protection: One-Go-All-Go, voice commands, and CO detection

The new ProSeries combination smoke/carbon monoxide detector comes standard with OGAG technology built in. What’s more, the combo detector utilizes voice commands instead of the “standard” beeping of normal detectors. Voice commands have been shown to wake children from sleep up to 91% of the time and within 30 seconds of the alert—a vast improvement when considering the median time to wake a child is closer to five minutes. In an emergency situation where literally every second counts, voice commands add another layer of protection to an already improved device.

The OGAG technology included on the ProSeries combo detectors doesn’t stop at “just” audible alerts. These impressive devices also include visual alerts in the form of color-coded lights. When a fire starts in one room, detectors throughout the home flash “red” at the first sign of smoke to indicate a fire-specific emergency, all while announcing the presence of a fire in the home. The visual alerts are color-coded because these ProSeries combo detectors are also capable of detecting the presence of carbon monoxide, a threat that claims as many as 400 lives each year and hospitalizes thousands more. When carbon monoxide is detected, the lights on the detectors blink
blue in addition to the voice commands warning of the carbon
monoxide emergency.

house with an EPS sign out frontAn elegant solution; a single phone call

One-go, all-go technology boosts the protective benefits of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with its “everywhere at once” capabilities. The inclusion of OGAG and voice commands in the ProSeries combination detectors make them a vital asset in defending the modern home—and the families that reside within.

The ProSeries line of home security products are a “best-in-class” solution for your smart home security problems—products for which EPS Security is an exclusive provider. EPS Security has more than six decades worth of experience in installing security systems in Michigan homes and businesses, and we provide the quintessential home security service: we own and operate a Five Diamond-certified Monitoring Center to receive alarm signals and dispatch emergency services. When you experience a fire, carbon monoxide, or security emergency in your home, there’s not a moment to waste—and you need both a security system that works when it matters most and a security provider that’s up to the challenge. When it comes to protecting your home and family, don’t settle for less than the best. Soup up your home security solution with ProSeries and EPS Security.

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