The EPS Advantage: Security Technician Training & Expertise

The EPS Advantage: Security Technician Training & Expertise

One of the things that sets EPS apart is a staff of more than 100 experienced security technicians who are highly trained in their field. EPS is one of only a few security companies to have a fully developed training program for technicians. When you choose EPS, you are selecting an exceptionally qualified and certified team of technicians who have the technical know-how and equipment to provide you with reliable service.

Our Training Program

One of our own, Kacey Jones, has been developing the program since 2014 and it is one of the first in the industry to be as comprehensive and successful. Jones focused on a hands-on approach with plenty of one-on-one to give our technicians the training they deserve. This method allows our instructors to customize and individualize lessons to ensure that each of our technicians is confident, knowledgeable, and efficient. Training takes an average of three months, the first of those months technicians are required to train at our EPS training center located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The training center provides the technicians with the technology EPS offers so they have an opportunity to practice on the same equipment they will be using in the field. EPS Training Instructors can simulate any situation the technicians might encounter.

“Our Technicians must pass rigorous training programs to ensure customers receive the highest quality of installation and service”

– Kacey Jones, EPS Training Support Specialist

After formal training, they spend roughly 60 days shadowing an experienced technician to ensure they are fully prepared and equipped to succeed. However, our technicians are never done training and are required to take enhancement training courses to become more familiar with EPS products and new technology. Technicians also attend training sessions coordinated by our training department, or by our vendor partners often to make sure our technicians are ready for anything and always up-to-date on our current EPS security technology.

At the end of their training, EPS technicians receive a NICET II certification which is one of the industry’s most comprehensive fire alarm training programs. Also, they acquire the Michigan Fire Alarm Specialty Technician Training, Electronic Security Networking Technician training, and our EPS customer experience training. The training ensures technicians are prepared for every situation that may arise, and are educated to teach and assist clients with exceptional customer service. This training helps new and experienced EPS Technicians become well rounded, prepared and is, ultimately, professionally rewarding for each member of the team.

The EPS Advantage

Our technicians are valuable assets to our team in providing you with the service you need and deserve. We work hard to protect your business, home, and assets. So, the next time you see an EPS truck you can rest assured the driver is a certified professional with a dedication to customer service and security systems expertise.

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