Total Connect: A smart security solution for commercial applications

Total Connect: A smart security solution for commercial applications

For business owners, maintaining multiple security systems in different buildings or even in one giant warehouse can be a lot to manage. Total Connect is an excellent tool EPS offers for commercial security customers to streamline those processes. Security is not a one-size-fits-all service, so the ability to customize multiple business locations, multiple tenants or even separate business and home systems all from one application can be essential. EPS Total Connect puts you in control!

Multiple locations, one control center

Keeping track of security for companies occupying various locations can be quite the hassle—it’s like trying to be in two places at once. Total Connect simplifies security on all levels, including keeping track of all your locations from one easy to use control center. The EPS Total Connect app can be used remotely from a computer, phone, or tablet, to arm and disarm remotely, bypass sensors, set up, edit, and assign users to for access. Additionally, each building can be set up to have unique security systems with the added benefit of remote access and control of all your unique spaces at one time. Talk about being in two places at once! Total Connect can be your new superpower.

Retail shops such as hair salons, chain restaurants or other branch oriented businesses are great examples of this type of Total Connect application. One retail chain my have a dozen branch locations, all with independent security systems. A Director of Security or business owner can access, view, check notifications and control all branches from a Total Connect account. The same Director of Security can provide individual access and control to branch managers for their specific facilities. This creates a clear hierarchy of security management and limits the scope of information to the levels required.

Example of a multi-tenant partition

Large businesses, manageable partitions

For large warehouses or multifaceted buildings, Total Connect allows you to break the structure up into manageable partitions. Just like eating a large pie, sometimes it’s easier to think about the whole in terms of all its parts. For some of our customers with big warehouses, many security partitions, or buildings with special needs, we utilize Total Connect to allow certain areas, or partitions, to be armed or disarmed at different times. Owners can selectively control employee and customer access, separate office areas from larger facility areas, and arm or disable systems separately. No matter the size of your business, Total Connect makes security manageable.

Let us help you

Managing multiple locations comes with its own set of security issues and considerations that can be solved easily by using Total Connect to control each separate space remotely. We don’t expect you to figure it all out on your own though! We have a dedicated team here at EPS who provide you with the most comprehensive and convenient systems to fit your specific needs.

Want to take a Test Drive of Total Connect for business? Click the link below and then select “Test Drive” to go through a demo based on the multi-tenant scenario above. Imagine how it might work for your business needs!

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