Small business, big risks: Security on Small Business Saturday and beyond

Small business, big risks: Security on Small Business Saturday and beyond

In 2020, the yearly Small Business Profile reported 886,557 small businesses in the state of Michigan alone. From our favorite “mom-and-pop” shops, local retailers, and corner cafes, to Michigan manufacturers, IT companies, and more, small businesses provide a wide variety of goods and services to communities in the Great Lakes state. That is why each year, we come together to support small proprietors on Small Business Saturday, which follows Black Friday and precedes Cyber Monday.

As a small business owner, this is an exciting time to focus on growing revenue, brand reach, and community impact. For many, this weekend commences holiday shopping and additional festivities—but let’s not get into the “what marks the start of Saint Nick’s season?” debate just yet. Approaching Small Business Saturday 2021—taking place on November 27—it is crucial to keep in mind that with increased foot traffic comes elevated risks to a business’s overall security. 

Small business by the numbers

Looking at Michigan small businesses by the numbers, their prevalence in our communities becomes even more apparent. 

  • 99.6% of Michigan businesses 
  • 1.9 million employees
  • 49% of Michigan’s workforce

In 2018, 71.8% of small businesses reported having ten employees or fewer. With such small numbers, small business owners and employees alike take on a wide variety of roles. If you are a small business owner, securing your people, products, and property is no small task. If you are just beginning your security journey, we are here to help you get the conversation started. Let’s consider a few of the threats which face your business and explore the options created to mitigate risk. 

Threats facing your people, products, and property

When presented the question, What threats face my small business? most individuals quickly identify the importance of protection against fire and break ins. While these are two major challenges, there are more common security threats not often at the forefront.

  • Retail and employee theft: Employees have increased access to merchandise, technology, and financial assets. 2021 statistics report 95% of all businesses have experienced employee theft. In the same breath, consumer/retail theft often flies under the radar, which can slowly chip away at the profit small businesses work so hard to achieve. Video surveillance can serve as a deterrent, especially in cases of employee theft, and in the case of a completed crime, can assist in catching perps red handed. 
  • Information theft: Information theft, most commonly carried-out by employees, takes place when an individual gains access to restricted data, ideas, or other information. Data theft is often more damaging than the theft of physical property, as it involves malicious intent. Card access solutions allow business owners to program individual permissions for their employees, restricting access to their property after hours or even personalizing access to given areas during hours of operation. 
  • Liability: With the ownership of property comes major responsibility. In addition to General Liability Insurance, technology such as security camera coverage can protect a small business from claims in the unfortunate event of personal injury, property damage, and more.
  • Water and weather damage: During Michigan winters, businesses can encounter major damages as a result of inclement weather. For small businesses especially, damage caused by frozen pipes or flooding can result in financial devastation. Investing in water detection devices and room temperature sensors, which are placed in high-risks areas such as near pipes or furnaces, can prevent catastrophe. With a monitored security system, you will be notified within minutes of a high/low temperature alert or water detection signal, allowing you to intervene with urgency. 

Not only can an influx in foot traffic increase external threats to a small business, but it can take attention away from internal risks. While there is merit in knowing an alarm will sound at detected smoke, broken glass, or the breach of a door, a comprehensive security system can provide additional protection against the transgressions occurring just beneath your nose.

Take loss prevention to a new level

The good news?  EPS Security’s intrusion alarm systems are designed specifically to counter these risks. A sleek, central control panel grants you effortless authority over your security system, while partnered devices cover your property from all angles. 

  • Door contacts alarm when an entry point is breached
  • Motion alarms sense movement when system is activated
  • Glassbreak sensors activate at shattered windows or sliders
  • Panic Buttons can be utilized if a thief is caught in the act by a trained employee

An intrusion system is an example of reactive security, requiring a “trigger” to alarm. Other reactive devices include water detectors, room temperature sensors, smoke, and CO detectors. When these devices register an alarm event, they send a signal to a designated monitoring center, where seasoned operators notify you and if need be, emergency responders. At EPS Security, our award-winning Monitoring Center operates 24/7/365 to ensure your safety. 

On the flip side, proactive security devices include access control systems and video surveillance. These systems function to prevent crime, and remain active at all times, no trigger needed. Card access solutions prevent theft through the customization of employee access and allow employees to admit themselves into accessible areas without oversight—saving you time and enhancing the protection of your business. Meanwhile, video surveillance allows business owners to keep a close eye on their valued establishments, even from afar. 

eps vehicle parked in home drivewayThe EPS advantage 

At EPS Security, we have provided personalized security solutions to Michiganders for more than 66 years. In your industry, we know you’re the expert. And in ours? We are, too. Our on-site engineers, full-service technicians, and award-winning Monitoring Center operators are here to safeguard your small business, so you can shift your focus from loss-prevention back to profits or other business progress. Here at EPS Security, we take the protection of your assets, personally.

Small business security with the EPS advantage

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