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Anyone who is charged with the care of an elderly parent or family member has probably at one point or another come across the term, “aging in place.” The concept is simple—allowing a person to live in his or her own home for as long as possible provided that one’s safety and comfort can be maintained at acceptable levels.

“Aging in Place”

As our aging population grows—the U.S. Census reports there are more than 45 million 60+ individuals today and an estimated 74 million by 2020— the concept of “aging in place” becomes more relevant. Today’s technology is constantly evolving to meet these new needs.

EPS Security is continually evolving to meet our customers’ needs as well. EPS is offering an advanced form of personal safety monitoring called EPS Medical Alert.

At Your Fingertips

Most medical alert companies offer a solution which relies on a centrally located base unit for communication, the EPS Medical Alert is a personal pendant worn as a necklace, bracelet or belt clip. EPS Security provides direct contact with a live EPS operator and eliminates the need to be in the same room as the base device.

EPS Medical Alert

This solution includes 24 hour monitoring by a Five Diamond (CSAA) certified EPS Central Station operators. If you would like to discuss how EPS Medical Alert might aid your family, please contact us at

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