Home Fire Alarm Systems

Home Fire Alarm Systems

When it comes to keeping your home and its occupants safe, fire protection is paramount. Home fire alarm systems give residents the warning they need to evacuate to a safe location and call for emergency services. In emergency situations, every second counts.

As a provider of home fire alarm systems in Michigan for 60 years, EPS is well-versed in residential fire protection. Our expertise allows us to develop a home fire detection system tailored to fit your home and your needs. This level of custom coverage allows you to rest easy knowing no corner of your home is left unprotected.

EPS is a proud dealer of First Alert Professional alarm systems. As the leading manufacturer of alarm technology in the United States, these systems provide homeowners and tenants with proven, reliable and easy to use technology to ensure occupants are alerted as soon as a fire ignites; giving residents time for evacuation and minimizing damages.

With EPS, fire alarm installation is easy and reliable. Our professional fire alarm installers will arrive at your home to ensure you are fully equipped and protected.

Protect yourself, your family and your home from financial lost and a potential catastrophe with a home fire alarm system. Retain the peace of mind that comes with having EPS as your home security provider.

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