EPS Security: the best choice for local business security

EPS Security: the best choice for local business security

eps trucks in front of eps officeA good business security system can be taken for granted until you really need one. Whether it’s a break-in after hours, a fire on the line, or even just the small, day-to-day inconveniences caused by bad camera angles or malfunctioning intercom systems, it’s often the cases where a system doesn’t perform well that lead business owners to understand the value of a quality security alarm system.

Behind every high-quality business security system is a team of technicians, operators, consultants, engineers, and more who make it their mission to provide unparalleled protection and service to those who need it. An often overlooked factor in the success of a business security provider is their proximity to the customers to which they are providing service. As Michigan’s foremost family-owned security provider, we thought we’d underline the reasons why our local, customer-first approach put us a cut above faceless “national” brands or others who may not have the muscle to provide assistance when it matters most.

We’re local, too.

EPS Security’s physical proximity to our customers will always give us an edge over the competition. Most people prefer to support local businesses, but business security requires lightning-fast response times across the board. Whether it’s a quick appointment with a security consultant to size up your needs, a maintenance check-up, or the dispatch of authorities to an emergency on your property, speed and efficiency are critical components to an optimum security solution. At EPS Security, we understand the importance of quick turnaround and response times. Over our 66 years of servicing Michigan communities, we’ve gone from operating a single office out of the Grand Rapids area to working from four offices across the state, allowing us to service businesses stretching from the Indiana border to the Mackinac bridge—and all without sacrificing the expediency we’ve built our company around.

commercial burglary infographicWe’re comprehensive.

You could google “local burglar alarm companies” and “local fire alarm companies” and “local video surveillance companies” and more until the cows come home and find a half dozen results for each, but only one name is likely to come up for every physical security discipline—and it’s ours. For example:

  • Businesses are required by law to install fire alarm systems—so we have that covered.
  • Businesses are most likely to experience break-ins after hours and on the weekends—so we install intrusion systems.
  • Business owners like to keep their eyes on their property from their phone or computer while they’re away—so we provide surveillance solutions.
  • Controlling the flow of traffic both into and within your facility is essential to protecting your employees and inventory—so we install card access control systems of all sizes and varieties.

Many EPS Security systems can even be built with integration in mind, allowing for easy installation or even expansion at a later date. Instead of trying to find four highly-rated and experienced companies to install four separate security systems in your business, EPS Security can handle your physical security needs across the board.

We don’t leave you hanging.

At EPS Security, we view our customers as ongoing partners, not “one-and-done” business opportunities. We don’t offer the same “one-size-fits-all” security solution to every business we encounter, and we don’t come in and install a complex security system and leave you to your own devices. Our security consultants and engineers start at the beginning, asking questions like:

  • What needs to be protected in your business?
  • How does the layout of your property create security vulnerabilities?
  • How can an EPS Security system make your job not only easier, but more better?
  • How can we get the highest quality system at the best possible price point?

From there, we work with our customers to develop a system that fits their needs and addresses their security weak points. We also work with local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) to ensure the systems we install follow the oft-strict codes and procedures required for commercial alarm systems. Throughout the entire process, our security consultants and technicians remain available to field questions, concerns, and to provide updates on the status of the installation before finally demonstrating how the finished product works.

But even then, a complex organism like a commercial security system requires occasional maintenance or even repair. Furthermore, as a business grows, it may find that it needs to add to their initial system or add an entirely new component to meet their newfound security demands. Whereas using a national provider or a small, niche alarm company may result in delayed service times or the subcontracting of work to third parties, EPS Security services all of our own equipment with technicians we train rigorously in our in-house Training Room. And with our Grand Rapids location and three regional offices, our technicians can meet both standard and emergency maintenance and repair requests with minimum turnaround time and maximum capability.

We’ve been around (your) block a time or two.

EPS Security has been serving Michigan businesses for 66 years. Throughout that entire stretch of time, we’ve maintained the same family-owned, community-first values that set us a cut above national and “do-it-yourself” brands. We’ve been privileged to provide service for some of our local business partners for decades. Many businesses choose our services because of our blend of deep knowledge of commercial security systems plus our deep commitment to securing the very communities our consultants, operators, and technicians are a part of.

We pride ourselves as a “small local company with big brand clout.” We’ve never forgotten how our customers are the key to our success, even as we’ve expanded to become Michigan’s largest family-owned security company. We work closely with our vendors to provide the best equipment at affordable rates to our business partners, and we employ a vast fleet of technicians to ensure our we are always ready to help our customers protect what matters most.

The EPS Advantage

The point of investing in a security system is to provide business owners and operators with peace of mind. If you install a subpar system or it is maintained and serviced in a lackluster manner, it’s likely to only add to your stress, not alleviate it. At EPS Security, we make it our mission to provide you with the security you, your business, and your employees deserve—a mission made easier by our local proximity.

If your security situation needs a boost or if you’re starting from scratch, you don’t need to look any further than EPS Security for a comprehensive, streamlined solution. We’ll work with you to determine which designs and devices work best at covering what you need protected. Whether you’re just starting your new business or looking to protect a successful enterprise, let EPS Security craft you a custom security solution 66 years in the making.

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